Everybody selling online claims authenticity, who's telling the truth?

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  1. Seems like all of us have some kinda online purchase experience for designer bags. When I search for sellers on ebay, all of them are claiming they sell authentic bags.But I am still iffy about whether they are telling the truth. Even someone with a powerseller reputation, I know they can still get positive feedbacks from selling fake bags because not every purchaser is bag expert.

    So I feel it might be interesting and helpful to share our own experience here. From whom have you bought bags online, and how do you like the product and service as well. ;) . We all know websites like eLux and NM carrying authentic designer bags, so let's focus on individual sellers who sell on ebay or have their own online stores.
  2. I know it is differcult -- unless you know your brand. I have been apart of this LV world in cyber-space for about 3 years now and I have learnt tones and tones.. and am able to figure out what is real and what is fake in most cicumstances, However with a different brand I am some what clueless, however I find it easier when I recognize sellers or bidders who know their stuff.. I would suggest that you just have to do tones of research -- learn the little things about a bag which identify it as real from others .. these boards will be a great source for you :smile: We can all learn so much from one another :biggrin::love:

    What brand are you wondering about in particular????
  3. If you are interested in a particular auction and need opinions wiht regards to authenticity, you can post it at the Seller's Watch section. A lot of people have helped me with questionable stuff many, many times. There's also a thread going about which eBay sellers sell authentic designer stuff too.
  4. oh? I never knew ebay had that section~ Thanks Kathyrose:lol:
  5. So Kimmy, can you share with me the IDs of sellers who know their stuff?

    I am interested in LV (of course!;) ), Gucci, Chole, Balenciaga, and Chanel. Does any lady happen to know ebayers who sell authentic bags of those brands?:shame:
  6. I agree with your post for the most part except, there are often things I want to buy that are not available anymore. Usually I turn to ebay then and if I can find it, it is usually gently used (there are plenty of fake gently used) and sometimes new. I have listed many handbags on ebay, coach (bought from the outlet or Macys at super sale prices) or Isabella (bought at saks on sale) or my new Chloe (bought from LVR which is several hundred less than stateside). Many handbags purchased from a regular store have generous return policies, but others don't. I have purchased two very nice authentic LV bags from ebay for less than half new, used of course. But most of the new bags I sell, I am selling for less than retail but slightly more than I paid for them on sale. I'm sure there are many many more out there like me offering up a good deal on an authentic handbag which is not easily available at the retail stores anymore. And like others out there, I don't do it for the money. I love handbags, buying them looking at them and then deciding in the privacy of my home if I want to keep them or sell them or just return them. I actually have two Dulce and Gab bags that I am trying to decide right now whether I am going to just send them back to saks, or sell them . They were $1700. each and I paid slightly more than $600 apiece. Someone could get a very good deal from me if it was the bag for them. Ebay has its' purpose and I'm glad it's here. You just have to do your homework and that's where this forum and the members have been invaluable.
  7. Hmmm, TPS,

    Good points here, however, I believe that E bay does offer the opportunity to buy real merchandise at discounted prices. While this does entail risk, it is a place that allows for real bargains for those who may not be able to afford (and this is many people) pricey bags they desire, or find within stores. With that being said, Ebay is just a huge forum of Game Theory in practice- it is not a one sided interaction, rather, it necessitates the buyer to be "smart" and take the time to do thorough research to minimize potential losses. Yes, taking personal responsibility helps you grip part of whatevers coming to you! The Purse Forum and threads like Seller watch are examples of resources for those who choose to use it...

    Here are a few points to consider from me-

    1. The reputation and trust system on ebay does work to a certain extent, and that's why you will have sellers like Leshent, Rag Nation and PersonalShoppers who may not be authorized sellers, but do attain authentic products. They are noted and cited in places like PF and TFS easily.
    This helps to drive good business towards honest people and away from those who aren't.

    2. Other sources of merchandise from such sellers may be attained through other proper channels (i.e. Rag Nation, owned by Alessandro, picks up merchandise from fashion photo shoots, show, etc)

    3. Assurances from long term established ebay sellers who take return merchandise as stated in their page....and have a good track record (as stated in their history) of honest dealings.

    4. Aside from sellers who only take back products which are proven to be "not authentic", some sellers take back products (as shown in history) when customers are unsatisfied.

    Much more can be said, but the bottom line is that not only is ebay about the seller, it is also very much about the buyer as well.

    Some advice, do your homework ladies, research, see what the return policy is....ask to have it clarified, and see what has been done in the past in such instances. Oh yeah, read and use PF to help!!!:biggrin:

    Sorry about my rant, I had too much sugar today:P

  8. Agreed.

  9. I was wondering how many people report those fake items on Ebay when they spot one?
  10. Yes, I agree that you can also buy authentic designer bags from Ebay, it's just becoming more and more of a challenge for buyers nowadays considering the amount of homework you need to do before bidding. And it's even harder for "starters".

    Doing lots of research, communicating with the seller back and forth, trying to get advice from experts...The whole process can be time consuming and often times mentally torturous till you finally settle down with a reliable seller:wacko: But, it is the same process through which we become a good bag hunter:lol:
  11. I have reported fakes to ebay. I get the standard "we will look into it....we cant tell you what action we will take......If it violates our policy, it will be pulled......." I have never had a bag that I reported as fake, pulled from an auction.....So now, I dont bother reporting.
  12. I was always wondering how many reported fakes that Ebay actually bothers to check:sick:
  13. Not many from the look of things.It definitely makes it hard on those that do sell authentic items.

    I got screwed over good last year to the tune of $950.00 plus S/H.
    It was my first e-Bay purchase, it left me :mad: as the devil.
    You can't always rely on the feedback ratings, they are a joke in my opinion.
    I think e-Bay cares more about raking in the listing fees ,than ridding themselves of their many out & out theives who use that site to steal from honest trusting buyers.
    I was able to get the seller booted ,he resurfaced a week later using a new ID but selling the same fake LV'S and Gucci knockoffs, I got his butt booted again.After filling a claim it took me from July 2005 till January 2006 to received a lousy $175.00 from the claims department.
    Take a tip if they don't accept paypal as a payment option stay clear.
    Don't rely on the pictures they use in there auctions they can steal them from others selling the real deal. The authentic receipts can be purchased on line so that's no guarantee either.

    Don't get me wrong not all sellers are theives but you have to be careful regardless when purchasing higher end items on any auction site.