Everybody loves the Zucca...

  1. .... so how come so few stores actually carry it?

    And how come there are so many more giocos on eBay than zuccas?

    Right now there are at total of 9 zuccas but there are 19 giocos - more than twice as many!!

    Maybe because it is one of the most expensive bags and the sellers/retailers think people won't buy it? Boy are they ever WRONG!
  2. i actually thought the same thing!! what a mystery...
  3. Maybe they just sell out fast... really fast? I don't really know because none of the stores around here carry tokidoki
  4. Our stores don't carry the zucca. It's such a cute bag.
  5. I wish they had a smaller version of the zucca, I love the way it looks but I like small bags too...
  6. ha i wondered that too..our stores never carried them at all...maybe theres a smaller number being made?? unless it sold so fast that no one wants to sell theirs? :lol:
  7. i saw a citta rosa zucca at macys SF back in dec 2006 haha
  8. Nordstrom doesn't carry it at all. I had to go to great lengths to get my Zuccas (both which haven't arrived yet though :<). Metropark carries Zuccas, but I dunno if/when they will get Amore!
  9. the only zucca i saw was an adios zucca... and i didnt like the placement! practically all stars :push:
  10. :lol:
  11. I am a zucca :heart: er and I have no :idea: why no one carries them. Especially Nordies, you'd think they'd stock it b/c they carry higher priced items :wtf: . I have the zucca in adios and pirata and they're among my favorite bags. :love:
  12. Yeah, since I'm not going to be getting the amore and I want a zucca regardless b/c I love the bag, I thought about getting it at Unique Threads b/c they have some cheap ones for like 140 dollars now that they have the amore. The only think is, I really can't stand that print.:sad:
  13. really..? i see more zuccas around than giocos.. hmm.. this worker at a lesportsac store told me zuccas are the most popular style.. but someone else told me giocos are.

    for me it's really hard to find a gioco when i'm looking for it :/
  14. hmm thats interesting, ive never seen a zucca sold in my area :shrugs: i even asked if they were going to bring them in and they said no without an explanation.
  15. The Macy's store in my area only carries the Zucca in Bianco and Nero. No prints. :sad: