Everybody Loves Raymond

  1. Does Anyone Still Watch It? Did You Watch It When It Was On Primetime?

    I Watched It A Little On Primetime ~ In The Beginning & Closer To The End.

    I'm Soooooo Addicted To It. I Try To Watch It During The Week. No Matter What Kind Of Day ~ That Show Can Make Me Laugh. :smile:

    We Have Ordered Seasons 1-6 & 7 Is On It's Way.

    Anyone Else Love It?????
  2. I love that show. My favorite (I think, I must have more than one) is when Robert dates the frog girl. I love Ray in that one - "she's not the one".
  3. It's a good show. Whenever I watch the reruns I'm thinking, "Change the locks, Debra!"
  4. I like the show, but I think the characters are a little unrealistic. Still funny.
  5. Marie Barone: One day you'll turn around, and I'll be gone!
    Ray Barone: [Spins completely around] Not today!

    Marie Barone: What is a DVD player? Is it for pornography?
    Debra Barone: Yes, Marie, I bought Ray a porn machine!
    Marie Barone: I don't like that, Debra.

    Ray Barone: This coming from the guy who once threw his shoe at a swan.
    Frank Barone: It's called protecting your sandwich!

    Debra Barone: You know what, I'm tired! Could you just call yourself an idiot?

    Marie Barone: Fine! You got it out of me. Your father and I... succumbed to temptation before we got married. I fell for your father's boyish good looks. But, it didn't matter. We were in love. Right, Frank?
    Frank Barone: I wanted sex.

    Marie Barone: I have my own opinions. I'm not just some trophy wife.
    Frank Barone: Trophy wife? What contest in hell did I win?

    Debra Barone: I HATE THIS!
    Ray Barone: I know. It's my brother, right?
    Debra Barone: No, it's not your brother.
    Ray Barone: Of course. It's my father... a pain in the ass!
    Debra Barone: No, not your father either.
    Ray Barone: Now I know. It's my mom. Come on, let's kill her.
    Debra Barone: Stop it, Ray.
    Ray Barone: Come on, you say that we don't do stuff together so... let's kill her and then go to the movies!

    Marie Barone: [after seeing Ray and Robert hug each other] Your sons are hugging.
    Frank Barone: I'll get the hose.
  6. Peach ~ That Was So Funny!!!

    Purselova ~ Of Course, It's Unrealistic ~ It's A Show! :smile:

    Caitlin ~ Those Lines Are The Best! I Have Read Four Times & I Have Laughed Hysterically Everytime!!!!! More...Pleassssssse (That Sounds Interesting...)
  7. i love this show! i have been watching it since season 1. and i love Frank Barone's comments directed at Marie, they are hilarious!!!! one of my fave episodes has to be the one with Ray competing with the Troup leader Peggy to see who sells the most cookies.
  8. That was my favorite comedy for years. I still laugh hysterically when I watch the reruns. I have so many favorite episodes that I can't pick one in particular. Thanks for the quotes Caitlin...they brought back funny memories of those particular episodes!:lol:
  9. This is another show my b/f got me hooked on. I love it and watch it everyday! It is just too funny.
    Robert was my b/f's favorite. He always claimed that Robert acted better than Ray and was funnier. I tended to agree with him b/c really Robert's roles were "supporting" roles yet he's always so funny and acted his role to a T. I wonder if his new show does him justice.

    Caitlin, I have seen all of those episodes and while reading the lines you posted I am laughing out loud :lol:

    I had a season in DVDs and it was stolen :sad:
  10. I watch re-runs all the time!! Hilarious show!
  11. Ray: Why don't you go out with Linda tomorrow?
    Debra: And leave the kids with your parents?
    Ray: No, I'll do the kids
    Debra: Pffff...
    Ray: Ah, I can't do that. What about the time when you went to your aunt's for three days?
    Debra: I took the kids with me!
    Ray: Yeah, but I fed myself

    Debra : I love you
    Raymond : ...And I you
    (Debra walks off)
    Raymond : Debra! DEBRA!
    Ali(as Marlon brando) STELLA!

    (Ally drew a moustache on Geoffrey)
    Frank: Can Hitler have a juice-box?

    Marie: What I don't understand is how the kids got so sick in the first place. You do put coats on them, don't you?
    Debra: No, Marie, I send them straight out from the tub, buck naked!

    Raymond: We're hopped up on the sucrets.
    Robert: Yeah, look at all the pretty colors.
    Raymond: Look, dad has hair!

    Debra: (in response to Ally's school project, where she has to interview a relative) Listen, I think we're just gonna have to go with Uncle Mel, all right? He's really very interesting.
    Mel: And just because I was never married doesn't mean I'm gay!

    Debra: (in response to Amy's disgusted look) Oh my god! I keep forgetting what a freak show this family is until somebody new comes in and looks at us like that! That used to be me! Now I'm one of them!

    Robert: Alright, here we go cubby.
    Ray: Trash talk allowed, right?
    Robert: Bring it on!
    Ray: Zero serving zero, you experimented in camp.
    (Robert walks off)

    Marie: I have my perfume! (sprays Robert's apartment with it to mask the rotten milk smell)
    Ray: Yeah, that's good, Ma. Now it smells like a cow died in a whorehouse!

    Debra: Listen, if I had PMS -- and I'm not saying that I have it -- is that how you help me? By taping me? By telling me I have PMS? That doesn't help. That doesn't help me, Ray!
    Ray: Well, what do you want me to do? Show me what to do. Just draw it out for me.
    Debra: Have you ever thought about giving me a hug?
    Ray: A hug?!
    Debra: Yeah, a hug. Did you ever think of hugging me, you jerk?!
    Ray: Well, this is not huggable. This is not Debra! This is the woman who shows up once a month to rip into me like a monkey on a cupcake.
  12. ^Caitlin Those Are The Best
  13. Poutine ~ I Love How Ray Can't Stand Peggy.....Sooo Funny!!!
  14. I watch this show every night usually. Seinfeld then Everybody loves raymond. I only began watching this show in the past year, at first I resisted, but it turned out to be really good.
  15. We love it and watched it all the time when it was on prime time. We still watch it in reruns and own Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD.