Every time I eat breakfast, I'm more hungry later on...?

  1. If I eat breakfast at say 8am usually, at around 10/11am, I get really hungry :S, if I don't eat breakfast, I'm not hungry until about 12/1pm for lunch...its just weird :S
  2. try eating some protein w/ breakfast. . . that usually happens because you're 'jump starting' your metabolism by eating, this is GOOD :biggrin:
    Have a snack around 10am, a handful of almonds or something small.
  3. oh thanks :smile: I was wondering what on earth was going on lol
  4. Swanky is right, protein will definitely help. Fiber will also.
  5. The same thing happens to me...
  6. Same thing happens to me. I can go all day without eating (unhealthy, I know) and not even notice. If I eat in the morning, I eat a lot all day.
  7. This is very interesting. It happens to me too.
  8. Same here. I was never a breakfast person til I started my weight loss plan, and I've noticed this. When I asked, I was told exactly what Swanky said, and it's supposed to be a good thing. So I just take some fruit to work to munch on while lunchtime arrives :p
  9. i agree with swanky, egg whites are good, I usually eat the whites of a boiled egg with half the yolk for breakfast with half a grapefruit or some whole wheat toast. Complex carbs usually stave off hunger as well as protein.

  10. Me, too! :yes:

    I used to starve myself all day, as if I ate early, I always ended up eating more.

    Baaaaad idea! :sad:

    Goodness knows what damage I did, besides slowing my metabolism to a crawl! :rolleyes:
  11. What you really want is something that is low GI. GI is the rate at which the energy is released into your body. Porridge is by far the best possible breakfast for this very reason.

    Look at the carbs in porridge and it will be high (60 - 70) but underneath it should say "...of which sugars" and in porridge it will be 1 or 2. This means it is very low GI and this is the best possible method. If you get porridge with a flavour in it will tend to have sugar in which is a bit of a no no (flavoured porridge will increase the 'of which sugars' into say 15 -which is still not bad).

    So, go for the low gi and avoid sugarry stuff.

    If you must have cereal bars go for these (130 - 140 cals)

  12. I think it might be b/c of the carbs in cereal, plus the sugar that may be added. These burn up really fast in your body. If you add a little protein too, you might see a change. I'd suggest a hard-boiled egg or a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter, alongside your regular bowl of cereal.
  13. I try to eat something early too even though I am not usually hungry, because I noticed if I don't I will certainly make it up at night!
  14. same thing happens to me not matter what i eat so i usually skip breakfast because i'm just as hungry at lunch if i was if i had eaten breakfast.
  15. Special K fat free waffles are only 60 calories each and don't taste any different from the regular ones.

    A tablespoon of I Can't Believe it Costs More Than Butter is something like 30 calories, and you don't need anywhere near a tablespoon, even for 2 waffles.

    Now the bad part is that if you want to put fruit spread or preserves on them, which of course you do, that does have sugar. But, you can get by with just a little bit if you put it in the microwave so it becomes like a liquid, that you can then spread easily onto your waffles.

    That does not address the protein part, I wonder how a peanut butter and jelly waffle would be...