Every time I buy a bag charm, I end up returning it...can't pull the trigger

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  1. I love the LV bag charms. They are so pretty and when I see pictures of them on other people's bags I adore them and want one. I've bought one in the past and ended up returning it. My husband thinks I'm crazy for wanting one and when I think about it logically, I agree. I mean, they aren't real gold or anything. I just bought another one for spring and am thinking about returning it too.:nuts: Anyone else have this problem? I have the money to spend on it but just have a hard time justifying the value. I mean, it's as much as a small leather accessory. But they are so pretty.
  2. I feel the same way. For every bag charm I'd rather get a wallet or pochette accessoires nm in any pattern, or eva for a little bit more. I mean, I'd rather get a speedy than, say, 2 or 3 bag charms, any day! They're cute, but not THAT cute, KWIM? It's not that I can't afford it, but I just can't justify the price.
  3. I agree!!! I am also afraid of it falling off my purse and I will not notice it until its too late. There is something about $400 sitting on the floor. I could be crazy tho!!
  4. I've owned one and sold it. I absolutely loved it but did not want it wearing the color off of the hardware of the bag. There's been several discussions on this topic. So as much as I love them too (soooo cute) I don't want them ruining my bags! 😔
  5. Ah, good point about rubbing on the hardware. Didn't even think about that. Leaning toward returning it again.
  6. +1
  7. I agree, love looking at the charms, but can't justify the price. No harm in other people using them- they're gorgeous. I'd be nervous they'd tarnish over time or even fall off the bag.
  8. I think they're very beautiful but personally I can't justify spending that much on a bag charm. I'd rather buy jewelry I can wear on my body.
  9. Have you considered preloved? I've seen some in excellent condition go for about 50% or more off retail. That might be a more manageable pill to swallow.

    But I definitely agree that they are quite pricey for what they're from (plastic/metal).
  10. I love them, but only buy preloved. Sorry, but cheap metals are not worth what the boutiques try to sell them for.
  11. I totally get it. Last year, when I started buying LV, the charms were the one accessory that I swore I would never buy. Too much money! I was just beginning to buy bags and wanted wallets and pochettes more than I wanted bag charms.

    Fast-forward to this year....lol! I did break down, but I bought a charm that I could use on pretty much any bag, because it is gold and so I don't need to coordinate it with certain colors. It is the Maison charm, and it is very classy and understated compared to many of the charms.

    So, that's how I ended up with a bag charm. I don't see myself buying another. The clicking and rattling of more elaborate charms would likely drive me nuts anyway.;)
  12. I pretty much agree with everything said her. BUT the new Posy charm in amethyste changed my mind. And the fact that it's hotstampable is a plus AND it's under $400. So I think this will be my first and only charm. :tup:
  13. I still can't bring myself to buy one full priced at the boutique yet. I always find something else, like a wallet, that I would rather get.
  14. I think LV bag charms are so pretty and add something special to a bag, but I have the same problem. Once I get into the boutique I always start looking at other things I could spend the money on. So I show the charms I really like to my husband while we are there and sometimes they show up later as a gift. Win/win. : )
  15. I honestly cant seem to get into them...I think they take a way from the bag, but I do enjoy their luggage tags and I have a few :smile: