Every ready to get something, but nothing appeals to you?

  1. I went to the store today, ready to get something! An empty hook in the spare closet...money burning a hole in my pocket...and....

    nothing :crybaby: . I got my pomme heart and pomme inclusion key chain, but no bag!

    I looked at the Stephen, def. not for me, much too squishy! Looked at the mono rivets, too busy...I thought I wanted perle brentwood, but it was displayed with the pampelonne and it hit me how similar the color is...poop!

    *warning spoiled rotten brat whine* I want a new bag! :crybaby:
  2. I feel you. But I'd just save it so when a line comes out that you like, you can splurge and indulge.
  3. Time for a break. More money for the next new lines coming out. The year is still young!
  4. ^Exactly!!

    Think of all of the great new stuff still to come...Amarante Vernis, Ivory Epi...YUM!
  5. twink! are you losing your mind? Look at vuitton.com for a while and find your next dream bag! What about a past LE bag? You could start searching for a perfect one.
  6. Awwww, get something next month.
  7. I felt that way about the S/S line- the only things I waitlisted for were the Dentelle cles and ludlow :push:
  8. Yup..happens to me all the time.
    Kinda happened the other day when I picked up my Coeurs also..I wanted my Inclusion stuff but my ring size wasn't in and they didn't have my bracelet size OR another Inclusion Speedy since they only got ONE in. :sad:
  9. Thanks everyone, I know soon enough there will be something I love....just dissappointed, I so thought the Stephan was going to it.
  10. Sorry the Stephen wasn't for you Tink! Do you have a bag in the new Pomme color?
  11. Yes, I know what you mean. It always seems that when you have money to spend and time to look, there is nothing... But you didn't come away empty handed. You got one of those gorgeous hearts!!!:drool:
  12. I like the pomme, but better in smaller doses...kwim?
  13. aww. its ok! just save your money for some of the new lines coming out!
  14. actually yes. i was prepared to spend a grand at LV today, and nothing BUT THE HEART WHICH I GOT, jumped out at me. a new - ish damier piece that would hold my camera equipment was nice, but not fully worth my attention, and all i got was that heart!!!!

    i ended up with a new Chanel gloss,
    the new Coach skull charm,
    and the LV pomme heart.

    nothing that screamed 'buy me'!!!!! at Louis! what a surprise!
    what is up with that?
  15. None of the bags have been appealing to me...but I've been going nuts over the accessories :shame: I want a new bag too! :hysteric: