Every Pink Optic Bag ever created by Coach?

  1. Hi guys! Sorry if this isnt the right place to post this, I was unsure where to put it. ;D

    But anyways,
    When I first joined I posted about a lost pink optic bag I saw at the outlet. It was $99 before the 30% markdown, but my mom didnt realize the 30% came off at the register. *sigh* Anyways, I wasnt too savvy back then [:nogood:] to take a glance at the number inside, so I was wondering this:

    Could you guys help me out in posting some item numbers of any pink optic coach bag you have or have seen? I would be so greatful in at least knowing the bag I lost at the outlet with hopes of finding it somewhere else. :okay:

    Thanks, and I hope this got posted in the right spot. ;)
  2. ;D Thanks!

    Er. Should I just wait for a mod to move my post there,
    Or should i copy and paste it to a new thread there?
  3. not sure officially, but it could be a while, so I don't think it would hurt to post there, then they can close this thread. Hope you find the bag!! :smile:
  4. Ohhh. Okay.
    Ill copy it to there...
    Thanks so much for the help! ;D
  5. Post there!
  6. hmm i found a couple things and put them in the other thread! hope it helps!