Every little bit helps!

  1. Please read this! It is very important!

    This past winter, a young local woman where I live was seriously injured in a fluke skiing accident, and sustained severe spinal cord damage. The overwhelming support of the community has been wonderful to watch, but after 6 months, she and her family have to face the fact that half of her $1,000,000 insurance is already used up! Some folks here have started a fund called Coffee with T (her name is Teresa Hukari) to help her and her family pay for the care she still needs. They have set up a fund through paypal where people can have money taken out of their account each month to help with Teresa's expenses. (I signed up for $50/month - a dinner out - but you can give as little as $10/month - a couple of drinks at Starbucks)

    I have been so impressed by how loving people are here on this forum, and thought I'd post this, in case you want to help, too.

    Here is the website address:


    (Reading some of the blogs made me cry:crybaby:)

    There are so many of us here, we could make a huge difference for her! Even if we just give a little bit!:yes:

  2. Here is one of the latest blogs:

    I’m writing this letter from my sister’s house in Cheyenne, Wyoming. She and her husband live in a new home they built on the northeast end of town with wide open views in all directions. After growing up in the Mojave Desert, I find this endless space comforting and familiar.
    The past two weeks I have spent caring for my parents – my mother has begun a journey of chemotherapy and my father is suffering from increased memory loss. There is little I can do for them other than care giving – I can’t make my mom’s cancer disappear and I can’t restore my father to the brilliant, wise man he once was. But I can give them my love and attention and ease their passage into the next cycle of their lives.

    No matter where I am each day and no matter what I’m doing, I still think about our dear friend, Teresa. I can’t be in Ketchum to assist with her care giving and my letter writing to her has taken a severe dip. But what I can do for her is to become a part of the “force” that will sustain her life for as long as we’re on this planet.
    The mere notion of being part of such a force is incredibly humbling. I am inspired by Jacqueline Phillippe’s idea to invite all of us to help sustain all aspects of Teresa’s expenses…from the roof over her head, to food, to therapies that will keep her healthy, to basic care giving. After talking with Jack, I know that Teresa’s family was hesitant to accept this idea because they would like to be able to provide for Teresa themselves. In fact, Teresa’s accident has exposed this very private family in ways most of us could not imagine. It has exposed a horrific accident, its aftermaths, and the minute-to-minute struggles for Teresa, just what this means with regard to her future and how it has affected the family. It has exposed this family’s dedication to Teresa, their joys and sorrows, their strengths and weaknesses, and their fears, but most of all it has revealed an extraordinary love and generosity. I for one have never seen anything like it.
    I am thankful that Teresa’s family has allowed Jack to create a place where we can contribute…where we can truly be a part of the force that sustains the life of this woman we love so dearly. And it isn’t a one-shot deal. We are giving to Teresa daily, hourly, giving her the basics. It’s something we couldn’t do alone, but collectively, it’s a powerful gift.

    Looking out at these sun-drenched grasslands of Cheyenne, I feel so very thankful that I have someone like Teresa in my life. Prior to her accident, she taught me about friendship and love and the depths of her loyalty. Since her accident, she has taught me about grace and wisdom and tenacity and kindness and more things than I could ever list. Her family has taught me about family – and all the best things that come with a family caring for one of its members.
    There are so many things in our lives that we can’t control or fix or change. So I am grateful for this opportunity to help our beloved friend. I love Teresa more than words can express. I will have a smile as big as the moon when that thermometer on the home page is red all the way to the top. Then I’ll know that Teresa will have what she needs, at least the things to get her through each day. She is a treasure with so much more to teach us.
    If you want to help, go to the welcome page on this website and click the amount that works for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    -- Deborah Liv Johnson
  3. Awhhh, how tragic, and God bless Teresa.