Every Hermes journey is a special one, until its actually the SPECIAL ONE!

  1. Megs and I welcomed our baby boy earlier this month and wanted to share the news with the TPF community. Come say hello to Baby Vaughn!
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  1. My love for the Birkin bag like most of you, started many years ago. For me, it was the fall of 2005 standing on 5th avenue in New York City. A elegantly dressed woman walks by and I couldn’t help but stare at her bag. It was stunning, classic and the perfect. Of course, I couldn’t let her walk away without knowing what the name of that bag was. The following conversation went a little something like this… “Excuse me, may I ask where you purchased this purse? its beautiful.” “Um, at Hermes”. Scratching my head as I walked away since I have never heard of such a brand. Later that night, I did some Googling of the beautiful “Hermes bag”. And well, at that time there wasn’t much information about it…

    Fast forward 10 years and with more knowledge, I was financially and mentally ready to try and secure my dream Birkin. Like most, I sought after the 35. Luckily for me, my dream (or so I thought) Birkin 35 came just three weeks after my first visit to the store. I was on cloud 9. Heaven. How could this happen so soon?

    As the year and bags went by, I’ve built a really wonderful relationship with my SA and in October 2016, she offered me a chance to create my first special order. At that time, I was still early on my Hermes journey and was shocked that I was fortunate enough to create my dream bag! As luck would have it, 7 months later, I was offered my second special order opportunity. While I am still waiting for my first order to come, the New Year rang with my second special order!

    Lets get to the photos shall we?


    Any guesses on specs? :smile:
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  2. B35, Togo?
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  3. L1100901.jpg L1100900.jpg

    I present to you my first Birkin 25 with Togo leather, Etain with Craie stitching and Malachite lining in PHW!!! I’d figure that if I were ever to get a Birkin 25, I mind as well make it extra special and my Gray Joy sure is one special little lady! It was 8 months in the making and I’m finally glad this baby is home!!!
  4. You are so lucky to own such a beautiful creation! Congrats!
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  5. Congratulations! What a wonderful way to celebrate the new year!

    Love the etain with the contrast stitching. Carry her in good health.
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  6. Perfect choices. Congratulations!!
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  7. Congrats!!! Beautiful bag and wonderful story!!!
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  8. Thank you! I feel very lucky :smile:
  9. Thank you so much! Excited to take this baby out for a spin!

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you so much! Because of the stitching, in some lighting it almost looks etoupe.
  10. I've always preferred stouter bags to stain because of the contrast stitch. This is the best of both worlds. Love the malachite interior. Very good choices. Enjoy this special beauty.
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  11. So beautiful! Congrats and happy new year!
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  12. Thank you! At first I was like maybe malachite is too dark for a pop interior but its just so perfect for me!

    Thank you and happy new years to you!!
  13. Sooo beautiful! Congrats!
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  14. Absolute perfection! Congratulations. Wonderful color combination.
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  15. congrstulation for this beautiful bag so classic
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