Every heard of this website? authentics or fakes?

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  1. Some of the prices look too good to be true...I would be very cautious. Surely someone here has ordered there before. I know that they make the authenticity claim, but, to be honest, online that only means so much.:shrugs: I also sense something fishy about the fact that their pictures are not "uniform"...
  2. I'm new to this website, and im not sure how to get people to answer my questions. I dont know how to find out who has visited the website before.
  3. Welcome, and you are in the right place...everyone here buys bags and I would say most of us have ordered online, too. Just give the post some time to be read(maybe a few hours). Someone may jump in who knows more at any time!;)
  4. If you are not sure that a what a website sells is what it says it is selling, whether that be Authentic Keds or Authentic Fendi handbags or Authentic Snickers Bars, considering the amount of money at stake in the case of the handbag, if you are unable to visit a brick and mortar store and examine the article with your own eyes and hands, I would suggest ordering it directly from the company, or getting a list of authorized resellers from that company, and ordering it from the website of one of those resellers.
  5. ooh wow....i wonder if its legit...the prices are GREEAT...but u know wat they say....if its too goo to be true chances are it isnt sumone help!:shrugs:
  6. FAKES... please!! Those people should be in JAIL. Are you kidding?

    Just as a reminder, any site that sells Chanel or Balenciaga online is selling fakes. Period.
  7. yes, i agree with glimmer. chanel doesn't even sell their handbags online. on their OWN website. not even on elux! *ding*
  8. The Hermes is also another tip-off ... you definitely can't get that anywhere except the store itself and select NM's and Saks.
  9. maybe they sell replca handbags,take care of this kind of website.
  10. Glimmer is right. Just another fake selling site. Everything they sell is fake. Period.
  11. Glimmer is almost right. Some vintage-webshops sell authentic Chanel-bags. For example www.ready-to-wear.dk , but this website perhaps just ship to scandinavia, not sure.
  12. Well yes, this does not apply to used/vintage/consigment. There are all kinds of fabulous consignment shops online where you can find awesome authentic used bags. My comments apply to the BILLION sites that sell new "authentic" bags.
  13. See, there you go, Brianaswhack. I figured it was fake but did not want to wrongly accuse. Sometimes it takes a minute for someone to get on and post that knows enough fact to make a determination like that. If I would have even noticed the Hermes, I could have told you, but I jumped on to the Chloe bags to look at prcing and then Fendi ang Gucci, since I am most familiar with those. The prices looked way too low to be serious.
  14. I didn't see Hermes on there.

    The prices are for sure a tip off but what I also found odd was the lack of pictures - one pic per bag?? I wouldn't be suprised if the bags they send aren't even the ones that are pictured.