Every girl needs a pair of KILLER boots...

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  1. Whoa...those are some sexy boots!!!
  2. Wow. I like those. Where are they from?
  3. YOWZA :nuts:
  4. Wow!!! How high are the heels on those? Those are most def "killer" boots. Post the whole outfit when you wear them. Thumbs up!!!
  5. phwoar!! hot damn!
  6. I want some. :drool:
  7. I don't like it.
  8. Sorry, don't like it either. There is too much "kill" in those killer boots.
  9. Not my style, but they are cute!
  10. Oh my gosh! They definitely make a statement, but no way could I ever walk in them!
  11. Wowza!!
  12. Oh WOW!!!
  13. HOT!!! but I could never walk in them! lol but more power to ya :biggrin: *drools*