Every girl has it, but me....do you?

  1. I'm talking about a black bag. THE STANDARD. But, just because it's a black bag doesn't mean it has to be boring. I want my black bag to a some edge. Ladies (and gents..I know you are out there), I need a medium sized black bag that I can wear everyday, doesn't look out of place at night. I prefer leather. I was thinking of the Gerard Darel 24 hour bag and the flap bag if I could find it in here in NY:push:. Any suggestions of any bag that would fit my qualifications would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you know of any place in NYC that carries Gerard Darel--that'd be great too.
  2. I like the bowler bag by Marc Jacobs
  3. What about an animal print? I love black crocodile-embossed leather. It exudes style and class IMHO.
  4. Hayden-Harnett has some nice black bags.
  5. I only have one black bag. I have LOTS of brown bags.

    Here my black guccissima princy hobo

  6. I haven't had a black bag either, until around the end of June--mine has a little edge, or I like to think so!
    It's the Bliss Lau Mini Suspension Chain tote, it's a good medium size, but I don't know if Shiki in Austin has another one by now or not. Luna Boston sold out, but you can order it from them, however I'm not sure if it'll be the sale price they had or not. :/
  7. Almost all of my bags are black. I have two Chanels in black, one Gucci in black, and a Balenciaga in black. I need to expand more lol.

    I think the Balenciaga is a fantastic choice.

  8. [​IMG]
    This is the same one I have. TDF. Its' a great day to night bag.
  9. I don't have a single black bag... just not very fond of the colour. I prefer brown or navy.
  10. For everyday I carry a black Coach hobo. It's a total knock around bag that I put alot of stuff in. I have yet to get another more dressy black bag to carry for fall.

  11. I don't have a black bag :wtf: ...however, I'm thinking about getting one, too. :sweatdrop:....looooove all the Balenciagas posted^^
  12. Unfortunately the bowler is no longer produced. Maybe you would like the Marc Jacobs Venetia instead?
  13. I just got the Michelle Vale Entrechat in Cloud, but I think either the Entrechat in black or Tombe in black would be a great option especially because you can swittch the hardware out from gold to silver. Very versatile.
    They also convert from shoulder to cross-body and were just named best designer for fall!
  14. Im also not a fan of black bags. I find the colour quite boring.
    However I recently bought this one from Francesco Biasia. I already have the same bag in Rust, which is a brown/red cognac shade and I love the style of it.
    I hardly ever need a black bag, just I bought this one just incase I do, and then at least I know that its a style that I like and its easy to carry.