Every dog owners favorite topic...anal glands!

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  1. I've noticed my dog has a fishy odor coming from his rear end. :wtf: I did some research on it and realized it means its time to have his anal glands expelled.

    I asked my mom about it since I grew up with a dog in the house and she used to express his anal glands on her own (presumably after a professional showed her how to do it). I know groomers and vets do it....he has an appointment with the groomer on Wednesday. Should I bring it up or make a separate vet appointment? :confused1:
  2. Just bring it up at the appointment, it only take a minute for them to do it.

    On another note-I've never had Mariah's(Chihuahua) anal glands expressed.

    Princess(Shih-tzu mix), I assume, has her's done every time she goes to the groomers. (they say the "package" comes with anal gland cleaning)

    They've never had any problems with them, and there has never been any foul odor:shrugs:
  3. I am sure your groomer can do it and your vet would be more than willing to teach you how to do. I worked as a vet tech for years and if I ever have a dog that needs them expressed, I will pay the money to not have to do it.
  4. Bring it up with your groomer, nowadays some groomers will do it, some won't. My groomer wouldn't do it, so I ended up going to the vet.
  5. My Chi never needs hers done but my mother's chi needs hers done a lot! The smell is horrid... I would HATE to have that job.
  6. Truer words were never spoken! Our vet charges about $12 and I think of that as money VERY well spent.

    I also do understand that there can be a difference between the vet technique and the groomer technique for expressing anal glands - someone described it to me as being the difference between doing them from the outside (groomer) and from the inside (vet) - although I have not asked for a demonstration of the two techniques! If your dog has any real problems with their glands beyond simply needing them expressed from time to time (infections, extreme pain etc.) it may well be best to get the vet to do them just to be sure all is well "back there".
  7. I think he's just overdue for a grooming because of the holidays, so he needs them done. :-/ GROSS! lol
  8. Our groomer does it routinely (I asked her to perform this service when we first started taking our dog to her). However, our dog has had issues with impacted anal glands in the past. So now, I take him to the vet every 6 weeks to have him checked out (we're in & out in 5 minutes) in addition to his expressing at the groomer's.
  9. Generally, groomers express them externally and vets internally. If they are not too clogged up, the groomer should be able to do them, but if she can't, she should tell you so that you can go to the vet.
  10. Thank you! I knew the vet had a different technique but could not remember the difference when I posted.

    One reason we take our dog to the vet for regular internal expression is because the groomer did not tell us his glands were having any problems before they (rapidly) became impacted :wtf: We didn't notice anything out of the ordinary - our dog's rear region wasn't stinky & he wasn't doing the scooting or anything else. Anyway, I'm happy someone skilled & familiar with his unique anatomy checks him out regularly.
  11. Bleh!! :throwup: I do it to mine. It's not hard at all but it's disgusting...I'm the weak stomached one and my hubby refused to do it and gags everytime I do it.
  12. My 5 year old Lab had is expressed for the first time a few months ago. His bottom never smelled, he just wouldn't leave his it alone!! I took him to the vet, and he took took care of it! We had changed dog foods, and my vet said that my dog more than likely had an allergy to something in the new food, and that sometimes that would irritate their anal glands....we switched foods and he hasn't had problems since!!