Everthing went smoothly, now buyer says couldn't leave feedback...

  1. Buyer emailed me saying she has received the purse and it is wonderful but she could not leave feedback due to personal reasons.

    I'm basically OK with it as long as she is happy. But is there something I should look out for regarding this?

  2. Personal reasons??? That makes no sense.. a "Love the Purse, Thanks" is all that is needed.... Guess it takes all kinds..

    Not sure about looking out for anything, other than perhaps placing a little blurb in your listing about leaving feedback.. perhaps that you'd appreciate it... or something...
  3. thats a strange response O_O
  4. I'd hang onto the email, just in case she does a chargeback or something.

    In chargeback, once feedback is left, that's considered hard evidence for the seller.

    eBay has turned me into a very suspicious person. :sad:
  5. That is very, very strange.
    Maybe her other personality doesn't like her buying bags...
  6. ^LOL!

    but that's strange...somebody said u should be careful in case she will use the feedback later if something happen (like she want to return the bag while it has been 6 months, etc)
  7. How weird. I hope it isn't a bad thing. I had one buyer who didn't want me to leave feedback for her because she wanted to resell it. She didn't want people knowing it was from eBay. Maybe that's a little shady too. eBay is turning me into a suspicous person too....
  8. ???? That's weird

    Well, I guess as long as she doesn't leave negative feedback, then it isn't so bad. But like somebody above said, hold on to the email just in case!
  9. did you leave feedback?

    sorry but this is weird. is she a newbie? she may think that if she leaves feedback the item is traceable to her. maybe she doesn't want hubby to know what she bought??? but that would only make sense if she didn't want you to leave feedback.

    i would ask her why she can't leave feedback.
  10. That's the funniest thing I heard all day!
  11. She may think that will let her hubby know she is buying on ebay? I had a guy who bought women's lingerie (for HIMSELF, I am sure) who said not to leave him FB! He didn't want his wife to know. O-KKKKK
  12. I have also received things that were dyed that I would not leave FB for. I hate items that come dyed or shoe polished. Once in a while I get snookered.
  13. O.o

    LOL! whoa...., lol!
  14. That's what my husband said when I told him this. Usually I hide my expensive purchase from him too :rolleyes:

    She is not a newbie, has 100% positive feedback and very nice during the transaction.

    Is there anyway to make the listing private now?????
  15. I think rosenpetals assessment may be on target. It's so weird (and unneccesary) that an ulteror motive must be lurking somewhere.