Everlane Petra Totes

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  1. I googled it as I had never heard of that brand. It seems the bag is very high quality, made in Italy and carried by actresses and top models. The prices are not that high, between $325 and $ 425 depending on the size.
    The bag is minimalist as they say. I am waithing for you to post pics and tell us about it when you get it.
    Where did you order it from?
  2. I haven't bought a bag, but I have bought a wallet and shirts. Love the shirts and the wallet is well-made. Definitely a fan of the brand.
  3. I've been eyeing them for a while now and I love the minimalist design! I pre-ordered the Market tote a few weeks ago and I believe it will ship later this month. Can't wait!
  4. i ordered the market in black, it's supposed to be shipping in a few weeks, i couldn't be more excited. i have a similar tote, from madewell, but expect that this one will much more polished looking replacement.
  5. There is an Everlane thread in the Wardrobe section where people discussed this bag. I think there may have been an external review link posted there too. :smile:
  6. Please pist pics when they arrive...I am curious. I have ordered other items from Everlane, and am very curious about these totes.
  7. I ordered from the website but it says it will ship after March 30. I can't wait!
    They're simple and very high quality. But I am wondering if I will like the fact that there is no top closure.
  8. obviously it depends on if you have a person/place you know and trust, but the friend who convinced me to buy it took her bag to a leather repair/cobbler place and had them put a very discreet magnetic closure inside of hers- always an option.
  9. I've ordered tees from there, want the bag now hahah
    but which colour... hmmm
  10. Hi
    I just got the portfolio in black for schlepping around baby stuff etc and I'm not sure if I'll keep it. The quality is good but it's so big and black, with the super simple design I kind of feel like I'm just carrying a big trapezoid under my arms, sort of like a sandwich board or something...any opinions? :smile:

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  11. Perhaps the Market would be a better size. I got the Magazine and the Market, would try it out and give reviews.
  12. Thanks for your help!! :smile:
    I look forward to your review!
  13. I'm trying to decide between the market & magazine, I'm only 5"1 & 99lbs though I know I should probably get the smallest one possible but i prefer the shape of the market... hmm
  14. Maybe go small, I'm 5'7" and the portfolio looked silly on me. It's going back for one of the smaller ones. I kind of like the shape of the magazine...