Evergreen Work GSH or Sanguine PT Regular Hardware

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  1. Help me decide please!:nuts:
  2. sanguine pt !! i don't like evergreen +gsh :nogood:
  3. I would say PT as it has the shoulder strap, it might be more practical.

    But if you prefer using the handles, then a work might be better for you?
  4. I love the Work but don't like Evergreen too much. Sanguine is a very nice color....so if you like the PT style, then go for it. Good luck!!!
  5. Thanks ladies! Another bbag has been added to the list of choices. How about a Giant PT Framboise GSH??
  6. yummm framboise gsh pt is the best IMO! framboise is a very nice and delicate pink , go for it or for sanguine pt
  7. I'm just a bit worried of the light colored leathers i.e. framboise, because in time it fades or turn yellow. But then, it's such a pretty color!
  8. evergreen work :tup:, I'm not a pan of the PT with RH or framboise
  9. Sanguine for sure - timeless red and timeless in desing, more versatile with shoulder strap. I do not like green either, cannot be worn that well all year round. Red is great no matter of the season. Framboise is nice, but not a colour you necessary like years to come.
  10. thanks ladies! you all have been of great help! :biggrin:
  11. Sanguine PT-it is such a beautiful, neutral red. I think it's a classic :P