Evergreen or Envy?

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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy my sister a green Nikki. She loves my Nikki and wants a green bag. I was informed that Emerald and Forest are impossible to find, so I think I've settled on Evergreen or Envy. Which of these would you guys say has the best leather? TIA
  2. i have envy and i love it!
  3. I have an envy nikki as well, it's my work bag ,the leather is wonderful!
  4. I really like Envy.

    RM also makes Leaf and Pine. Those two are very pretty green color too.
  5. Thanks for the Leaf and Pine suggestions, I think those are a little light. I'm looking for something dark.
  6. The Nikki in Envy has really great pebbly leather. It's really dark though almost black from a distance. Like Ivy said there are other greens....Leaf is nice and smooth....lambskin with a slight slight glaze. I personally think that color is wonderful!!

    Just saw your post....you want something dark....then Envy is great.

    Forest is a nice chewy leather really different from ENVY. It also has siggy hardware so it depends on which you like best.
  7. My first choice was Forest, but apparently those are really hard to find.
  8. I vote envy! I have an envy MAM and love it!!! Such a pretty shade of green.
  9. I would vote for the new Evergreen (Emerald). If not then Envy. Then Forest.
  10. There is an Evergreen Nikki on Bonanzle right now, NWT. The color looks gorgeous...
  11. ^^Thta's the original Evergreen. I thought she was referring to the newer one.
  12. ^^^ I was actually referring to that exact listing, lol. What is that leather like, it looks kinda shiny in the pic. But I love how the color is dark, but still pops! I feel that maybe the Envy is a little dull?
  13. It is lightly glazed, so I bet it will hold up beautifully, but take a little breaking in.
  14. Evergreen has bluer undertones. Envy has yellow undertones but it is most certainly not yellowy. It's a brighter colour than Evergreen -- more of a jewel tone -- and the leather is more pebbly. It really depends on which undertone you think would work best for your sister. You might also want to consider the lining. Many Envy bags have the bird lining, which sometimes evokes strong feelings in people :P

    That said, if I were your sister, I'd go for Envy. It isn't dull at all. It's very jewel-like and lightly glazed though it's not shiny because the pebbled leather breaks up the light. I have an Envy MAB and just love to gaze at all the stunning green leather! I thnk it would drape beautifully in a Nikki.
  15. Thanks guys, great info. I think I'm going with Envy. I like that it seems like a good drapey leather.
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