Evergraine leather

  1. Hi everyone,

    As some of you may know by now, I got a 30cm evergraine birkin in ebene recently. It's still pristinely in the box and everything and I have not touched it yet.

    My question is, does anyone know how much evergraine slouches? I don't read a lot about this leather although it is extremely beautiful (a velvety cross between box and swift), and I am wondering how easy it is to care for it, or no.

    I am seriously considering whether it suits my lifestyle. Thanks for any views!
  2. Hi Tammy

    Are you thinking to sell this birkin if it doesnt "suits my lifestyle"? After the trouble you went to get her in paris?
  3. i just got an evergrain 28cm kelly in rouge H about a month ago, and i've been wondering about the leather's delicacy too. it's been in the dustbag, but traveling with me in my car b/c i keep meaning to take it out for all my social events this week, but am a little nervous to. but i loooove the softness of this leather. it's so yum.

    has anyone else owned this leather for longer than a month?
  4. Not me but I have seen it and how it slouches. IT is a very soft leather indeed. It has the same slouch effect that swift has. I think it's sexy and you should keep it. Sometimes hard Sellier leathers (like my Box) look too serious. Evergrain and Swift give bags some flexability. I really love the slouchiness.
  5. Ladies, does evergrain actually have a *grain?* as opposed to swift which appears smooth. Is it something like swift but, with a grain?
  6. Yes, I think we have a swatch in the ref section that you can look at.
  7. I thought Evergrain was similar to Courchevel and Epsom....:shrugs:
  8. there is a grain, but it's a smoother, smaller, flat grain, not as pronounced in the bumps as the fjord for example. should i use a biological reference, dork that i am? the lines are like capillaries in evergrain, as opposed to veins/arteries which are bigger.
  9. Yes, thank you....I looked at the leather section and evergrain is the leather of my DH's wallet. It's soft and it taking on the contours of the contents of the wallet....credit card/driver's license hard plastic corners show thru the leather...if that makes sense?

    Verdict ( my own, not DH's as he says he likes the wallet/leather) is still out as I want to watch how this wallet wears over time. Knowing Hermes, tho, they will probably discontinue it by the time I want a bag in this leather.
  10. I have a Black Evergraine Birkin 35cm and absolutely loooove it! I also have a Fjord Birkin and that leather is more structured. But I love how the Evergraine is so soft and you can almost rub off the scratches :smile:

  11. Tammy, wish I could add my 2 cents' worth but I really can't. I have never seen nor touch evergraine in a bag.

    Just to help you rationalise > what is important to you? A birkin that holds its shape well and has less degree of "batwings" or one whose leather feels silky and luxurious? If you can answer this with certainty, I think you know what to do. PS: Even box calf gets batwings. It's the design of the birkin. The open tote form means there is nothing to hold up the front panel to look smart all the time. Unless you want to use it with the flap all fastened :sweatdrop:
  12. Doesn't SoCal have an evergraine birkin too? :smile: She's had it for a while so maybe she knows?
  13. Tammy, if you won't fell in love with this gorgeous leather - send me a mail....... :drool:
  14. Erm. Yes? I can't keep it if it's more work for me than a togo, me thinks. Although so many girls in this forum will shoot me :shame:
  15. Thanks, Baggs!!