Jul 4, 2009
As some of you might have read in the other thread...
My DH had bought me a Kelly in the wrong size (a 35 instead of a 32) last week...
But I had decided to keep it after reading all of your posts!
So far I am quite happy with the bag but still feel the need to get another Kelly in 32 as I only have Birkins.

So I've been looking and calling...
and have found something in a color I wanted but in a leather that I am not very familiar with - evergrain.

I can't actually see the bag itself since it's thousands of miles away but need to decide whether I'll take a chance and have it shipped over.

All my bags have been either togo or clemence thus far, and I wanted the 32 kelly in either clemence or swift. Could someone please explain to me what evergrain leather is like in comparison to togo, clemence or swift? Is it rigid or does it slouch? Is it light or heavy? Does it scratch?

Thank you in advance for all your help!:smile:


Mar 25, 2007
If you are looking for clemence or swift, then evergrain is not too far from those 2 types of leather.
I think evergrain is very fine grain and smooth, the leather is sort of shiny too.
togo vs evergrain:
togo is defintiely way more scratch resistent than evergrain.
I used to use my evergrain as workhorse (rain, snow or shine) and I don't mind the minor scratches here and there. evergrain slouches as little maybe not as much as swift.
I don't think evergrain is heavy.
let me see if I can dig up my old thread.
I sent evergrain to spa recently and I am more than satisfied with the results.

I would definitely recommend getting evergrain ;)
hope this helps :smile:


Sep 12, 2008
I tried on a SO Kelly in evergrain once; I think it feels very soft and smooshy and I liked the look of it a lot. My Birkin is in clemence and I think bluewin is right; it doesn't look a lot different, just a tad more lightweight than clemence I think.


Hermes, Je T'aime
Mar 16, 2009
Hi HJCR-I have a 35 evergrain birkin, and I love it. When mine gets a minor scratch,
I just rub it out with my fingers. It is light, has a slight sheen, just as Bluewin said.
Mine has not slouched at all, but I do not like slouchy and I love the fine grain.


Trying to b good ^_^
Jan 31, 2009
Escaping from Ban Island;-)
I have a 28 Ebene Kelly in Evergrain and I thought I had to be very careful with it but actually this leather surprised me.
Togo and Clemence are much more scratch resistant but I agree with Pamella about Evergrain. If it gets a minor scratch, you can rub it out with your fingers. I even got caught in the rain with it so it caught a few rain drops but nothing happened to the bag. So it can also handle a few rain drops. My bag is now 5 months old and it's still stiff, it has not slouched yet.
I love the sheen on it and IMO it's not that heavy. I love it :smile:!


Jul 4, 2009
Thank you all for kindly sharing your expertise!
I can almost picture (and feel!) the bag in my head now~

Maybe I'll pop over to the boutique and take a look at the swatch before I confirm the purchase. The color that was offered to me was Havanne (or Havane?) as I was mainly looking for a brown.

I'll update everyone after I see the swatch.



Dec 9, 2008
hyde park
I agree with TankerToad about evergrain being similar to swift. Both feels buttery soft. I've only played with a dark coloured evergrain bag ( a Kelly Pochette) and it was instore. I was surprised to see so many scratches on the flap just underneath the handle (presumably from all the handling..).
Dec 28, 2007
Jardin sur Le Toit
Hi I have attached a pic of my bag, a 32 Havanne evergrain Kelly. It is smooth and has tiny grains, I have used it very heavily for travel and yes it does have scratches. I plan to send it in for the refurbishment and see how it turns out, really using enjoyed the bag as it is light and I prefer smoother leathers. HTH! Sorry the pic needs to be rotated!