1. I know very, very little about this leather and I'm not even sure I've seen it IRL.....Is it smooth and matte like Chamonix? How does it wear? Is it a fagile leather like Box in that it'll scratch and mark up easily and not do well at all in the wet weather????

  2. I heard it's one of the more fragile leathers but I don't know too much else about it.
  3. It's embossed evercalf. Evercalf is like very supple box, soft as silk, scratches like box, delicate, and light. Evergrain has the suppleness of evercalf and the embossing makes it a tad bit scratch resistant. So far I've seen Bolides made of this leather and they slouch as much as clemence. You won't find them labeled on the tags, they're listed instead as "not defined".
  4. Nathansgirl's Kelly is evergrain. There is a picture of it in the Members Items thread.
  5. Appreciate when you all share info. like this...I am unfamiliar with some of these leather types
  6. They had a JPG Kelly clutch in evergrain at SF. I really liked it because it seems like it would be more durable. :flowers:
  7. Ahhh, it has now become clear! Thanks, HG!
  8. lol Thanks for giving them the heads up. I can repost a picture here of a closer look at it. The leather feels great. Not entirely smooth, but not very rough either.
  9. Here it is. One thing that bothers me is that is kind of scratches easily..IMO and the scraches can be seen slightly when you look at it. But overall I love the feel of the leather.
    evergrainkelly.JPG evergrainkelly2.JPG