Evergrain vs. Swift?

  1. I know this is going to be a stupid question....but, given that I have a tough skin, I'll risk the belly laughs and side slapping for higher learning.....

    What are the differences between the two? Hand, weight, color-saturation, durability, behaviour after a while and all that stuff.

    The only thing I've ever seen in Evergrain is a Kelly Clutch.....the little one with the handle on top.

    So, if you had a choice between a bag in Evergrain or a bag in Swift.....which would you prefer and why?

    Just S'Mom doing a little............research............:p
  2. hey there, missy. whatcha up to?

    i'm ashamed to say that i have bags in both leathers and adore them equally. with that said, i have to say that evergrain is better suited for the occasional debut (1-2xs a week) whereas the swift is PERFECT for daily wear. hope this helps!

    p.s. they both patina wonderfully!
  3. Ms ShopMom, what are you up to;) ???

    I feel that Swift would be the better choice for a larger H piece. To *me* it's a prettier skin. Not to say that Evergrain is not lovely....but I love the hand on Swift...it makes me weak to touch it:tender: and tho I don't think this would influence *you* to me, Swift looks more expensive ( I don't know which one is the more costly...there's probably not much difference )

    Let's just say that when I first saw Evergrain I was a bit disappointed....whereas when I first saw Swift.....well.....:drool:
  4. Not up to anything really......just bored witless (lousy, cold and rainy day here in.......ALASKA!!!!!) And thinking about these two leathers because they seem to be so similar in my mind.....
  5. You know...I love to read your threads shopmom...because for some reason a question will lead to a pic of another acquisition...:p
  6. I fondled a Kelly clutch yesterday and wondered what the leather was. The tag didn't say and my SA had no idea. It looked a lot like box calf but in a matte finish. Is that swift? I didn't see any texture to the leather.
  7. It could have been Swift but it might also have been Chamonix, MILLSTREAM.
  8. Hmmm, please describe Chamonix. By the way, it was black. Oh, and I also saw a black Maharana clutch in the same matte leather. I was really tempted by the Maharana and would have bought it if it'd been in box calf. I've seen this style twice and each time I come within a hair of buying it.
  9. That's a beautiful clutch! I'm told that I actually tried one on in the store but it was too big for me. I can't remember this......but my source is pretty legit so..........

    Chamonix is the matte version of Box calf. It doesn't have the sheen that Box does in the sun. Here's a pic of a Chamonix Bolide......
  10. And this is Box calf......
  11. The answer is....SWIFT!

    what is the question?
  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous bags, shopmom. I honestly don't know if the bags I saw were swift or chamonix. The leather was on the stiff side, so would that make them chamonix?

    The Maharana is a long clutch and instead of having hardware, the closure is made of the same leather. Incredibly chic bag, and not too pricey. I think it was around $3,500 or so. I know the matte finish is a look, but I think that in box calf the Maharana would develop the most marvelous patina from being handled. My SA is going to try to find it in box calf. I'm hoping and praying that the bags will arrive on a staggered schedule, one now and another every 6 months or so. Ummmm, so I can pay for them.
  13. LMAO, AVA.................I don't even know the question anymore!!!!!!
  14. Well....SWIFT it is then....!:p (especially a swift thong worn by one of the "3oo" movie actors!):sweatdrop:
  15. You're too funny, Ava.