Evergrain vs. swift for small kelly? Which is your preference and why?


Evergrain vs. swift?

  1. Evergrain

  2. Swift

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  1. If you had a choice between evergrain and swift in a JPG kelly or other small black bag, which would you prefer and why?
    Personally, I think the appearance of the evergrain is better but I like the hand of the swift better.
  2. i voted for swift b/c you said small........as long as you are careful not to bump corners or scratch with fingernails it is good, it has a sexy slouch to it.
  3. I like both, and also evercalf. All these leathers are great for the KP.
  4. I'm not a big evergrain fan - I think it's the grain - so swift or evercalf for me. I prefer the smaller the bag the less grain (that goes for scales too :graucho:)
  5. I don't like smooth surface, as they are not scratch reisistant.