Evergrain soupple kelly? yes or no?

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  1. I am mulling over a black 28cm kelly souple with palladium hardware - the only thing giving me pause it the leather, which is evergrain calf. It looks great, but I am not that familiar with it. Opinions please? Should I hold out for togo (who knows if and when one will materialize) or jump on the evergrain?
  2. Wow, the leathers are quite different. Evergrain is definitely more refined and more expensive than Togo--it has a richer look to it and is very smooth and supple. I tried a Trim in the Evergrain and it's beautiful. When I was speaking with the SA she said that it was the type of leather where if you scratched it you could probably rub out the scuff marks easily. Togo, on the other hand is a bit more casual in its look but obviously pretty scratch-proof. I love the look of Evergrain, but I always prefer Togo just due to my anti-scratch nature.

    If you're unsure I would go with what you initially wanted--assuming that's the Togo.
  3. Evergrain is a really nice leather, I would have no qualms about getting this leather for a Kelly :smile:
  4. I actually prefer black on evergrain for Kellys than I do Togo. I'd go for it!
  5. evergrain feels soft and buttery, a little similar with swift - which is really gorgeous! good luck!
  6. Evergrain is a gorgeous leather IMO. I've seen it on a number of different bag styles. Supple like Swift with just about the same look. I'd jump on it, Stephanie. I'm with GT on this one....agree completely!
  7. Love my evergrain birkin! And yes, scratches rub out with a finger! Pics are posted in the Member Item and leather threads...
  8. Just went to take another look at your gorgeous bag, SoCal! It is DROOL-WORTHY! I'm thinking I might have to add Evergrain to my list of leathers to consider in deciding about my 30cm Birkin.....
  9. ^ Thank you! I hoped I would experience happiness as my SA indicated it was a relatively new leather for the store...I am thrilled with it...it has an ideal measure of both structure and "softness" for me...
  10. How much more expensive is evergrain?
  11. Go for the evergrain!! It is a gorgeous leather and less common than the togo.
  12. Evergrain to me has a pearl-like luminiscence and I love it. I've seen it in multiple Kelly souples and each time it was gorgeous. I have both Evergrain and Togo and love them both but Evergrain is a dressier look and the feel is AMAZING. I say go for it.