Evergrain lovers, convince me I need this HAC!

  1. Hi all, I'm considering an evergrain HAC, but I'm pretty unfamiliar with the leather. I researched a bit here, and the consensus seems to be that it's durable and a good leather for your workhorse bags. I have a bag in clemence which I love, but I'm looking for somethig with a bit more structure for a HAC.
    Can anyone help with how it takes color? And as a side note, does anyone have an opinion on ebene? I don't want a brown so dark it might as well be black.

  2. 1. evergrain takes color very well

    2. evergrain is soft, buttery, definitely not structure enough for a HAC

    3. Ebene evergrain is very beautiful but very dark

    Hope it will help
  3. Love evergrain, but agree it is too soft for a structured HAC
  4. What size is the HAC? It might be fine for a 28
  5. It's a 32 that I'm looking at. A little slouch is ok, but I don't want a puddle of leather on a bag that size.
    I'm actually considering a 40 b as well for a travel bag, and I definitely want some structure there. I was thinking Togo. Should I hold out for a Togo here too?
    Thanks all for your opinions!
  6. If you want more structure, here is a beautiful Havane 32 fjord from a reputable reseller. Fjord seems to keeps its shape better than most leathers in an HAC. Jadite originally posted this on the eBay finds thread. The auction has three days left. Bidding has stopped for a few days so it looks like it will go for a favorable price (although not the current one).

  7. Thanks iwantaspybag! I had seen this one and am intrigued by the fjord, but I don't wear a lot of gold and am partial to palladium. I also don't want so much structure that it becomes too formal for everyday use.
    Anyone else want to chime in here?
  8. Fjord is a beautiful leather. I have a BB 35 in Fjord and it is STUNNING. I get compliments all the time. It does have PHW, but GHW is equally stunning. I wear a mix of yellow and white gold. I don't try to match my jewelry with the hardware on the bag. I use it every weekday for work and travel....In the 2 months I've had her she's been on 3 continents and she travels very well. It's a workhorse--easily can be worn with suits, dresses or blue jeans:smile:
  9. Thanks for your opinion pureluxury! I am wrestling with this one. I also tend toward larger bags (been looking at the 40s) and am afraid the 32 might be too small. I have a feeling a 36 hac would be perfect, but there are so few on the market.

    So, do I try to pick up the 32 fjord with gold hardware for a couple grand less, or hold out for the evergrain with palladium for a couple grand more?

    Decisions, decisions...:thinking::thinking:
  10. My ebene ever grain b40 is quite structured. Evergrain is used extensively in the men's collection because of its structurenexs, IMO. It certainly holds it shape better than the togo I have had recently.

    Over time, the leather will patina and ebene is very rich in Evergrain.

    You vsn look up my posts for pics of my Evergrain B40.
  11. I'm looking for a pic of your 40 but I can't find one. Would you be kind enough to post it here?
  12. Here it is...