Evergrain Jige Elan hold shape?

  1. Saw an evergrain Jige Elan at my local Hermes; lovely bag, but was a bit concerned about the softness. Would this bag in this leather have enough "structure" for handling? In other words, would it be difficult getting in and out of because it's too malleable? If so, any other suggestions for a Jige in a stiffer leather? Thanks.
  2. HI

    I have a black box Jige and that holds its shape well
    but its not the super huge one

    I dont have anymore knowledge , but thought I would bump the thread up a bit for the ladies who do
  3. Thanks, ardneish. My only other Hermes bag is a navy box Kelly (which I love), but I'd like something a little more scratch resistant, and well -- different -- as I build my little collection.
  4. Hi

    I had a Evergrain Birkin and in the scale of things it's about in the middle between soft/squishy and rigid. It's a lovely leather and I think would look super chic for a Jige. I think it would be easy enough to handle easily too.


  5. Hmmm, I think it should hold its shape better simply because of the design. It's an envelope clutch after all. One advantage of this leather over box is that you could fit more in the Jige.