Evergrain - a rainbow leather?

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  1. Whenever I've seen this leather, it has been in either black or brown.

    Has anyone seen it in brighter hues?

  2. So far it has been available only in black, ebene, havanne and indigo. One of the new SO bags seems to be made of evergrain, so hopefully there will be at least rouge H :drool:
  3. yes but there has been a green im not sure about the exact hermes name but it is very bright almost parroty and extreme it was not all that popular back in the day when hermes was not as big and was replaced by vert anis so im truly not sure ill try to find pics for you but im sure its evergrain ! .
  4. Ms Reya - here's hoping for a broader spectrum - particularly RH for you!

    birkel - the green sounds intriguing - and thank you, would very much like to see a picture.

    As it appears to be quite a narrow colour range, does this leather not considered a suitable canvas for a mid range shade like perhaps (dare I say) a fauve?
  5. you know i have allways wondered, but i tink that this leather is a transitional one, because its an in between type, not togo as in grainy , not swift as in matte but totally soft, not box as in soft but high buff shine ,its sort of a hybryd between all of them and thus might not show well in lighter colors i allways pictured it would look divine in tabac camel !. and as soon as i see my friend with the green ill send the pictures