Evere seen these? Prepare your wallets...

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  1. TNX for posting
  2. Great picture - thanks!
  3. wow. these are soooo cool! I love the bright colors!
  4. I didn't know the bags for fall were so pretty. I guess I will be dropping some $$$$ at Chanel.
  5. I love the pix. I will wait for fall to make my next purchase. he faux croc is to die for as is the brwon classic with the new chains.

    Thanks for sharing.
  6. I saw the blue coco's croco at the trunk show in NM Beverly Hills. It's great and all but it's a jersey bag. I would much rather buy a leather bag.
  7. intheevent, prices are written on each page. The buble one (don't know the real name) is 1250 euros taxes included, which should be around 1700$.

    Coco's croc are 2100 euros, around 2800$.

    And finally the brown flap with new chain is 1360 euros, around 1850$.
  8. Ohh I love the colors!! They are so.... ME! Hehe!
  9. i like the Blue coco croco best!
  10. i like the jersey material but not the croc effect. Thanks for posting.
  11. I'm going to dream over the bubble flap tonite.... :girlsigh:
  12. I love the bubble quilting. I wonder what else will have it... Thanks for posting!
  13. I think all of the bags are gorgeous!