Evere seen these? Prepare your wallets...

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  1. Here they are, I especially like the brown classic with new chains.




  2. are the bags in the first attachment, the "coco croco"?
  3. wow..thanks for the cool pics.....

    my bank accnt however doesnt like u very much...ROFLMAO!!!
  4. Ahh.. so faux croc bags now are instyle? Made of jersey material.. That doesnt mean much durability.. :sad:

    I just learned "Reissue" in French is "Ree'ntre du 2.55" :smile:
    That's probably why some European SA's do not understand "reissue" like some situations described when tpfers try to call in and find out about the reissue.

    sigh... i like the lambskin bubble quilt east/west!! 1250Eur = US$1625! gasp !! The turquoise Coco Croco is way too bright for me.. cross that one out!

    Thanks for the pics babylovermika!
  5. Well, according to the description, sounds like those will be with gold chains...but I don't want a jersey bag!!! :nogood:
  6. ooo I'll consider my wallet officially prepared and anxiously awaiting the arrival of those awesome bags! Not usually a fan of faux croc but the colors are adorable!
  7. these new bags are gorgeous!!! I want the bubble flap.
  8. Wow! It's gorgeous!
  9. Thanks for posting! The turquoise is to die for...

    (and so is that Lanvin bag!)
  10. I saw the blue coco croco reissue at the trunk show. It was made out of satin. The color is pretty but the croco pattern was not that pretty IRL.
  11. Oh boy! I'm excited. I really like the bubble quilted. Does anyone know what the price on that will be? Or the real name for that matter
  12. The colors (turquoise! yellow! ahh!) are what I would LOVE to own, but in leather. :smile: Thanks so much for posting!
  13. makes me drool that's for sure!
  14. it's soo gorgeous!
  15. wow, i love the colours, gorgeous!