Evercolour Leather

  1. Wow hopiko, what a beautiful bag!
    Thank you for the picture and also for your re-assurance.
    This leather seems to take colour beautifully!
    Keep it coming ladies please, I appreciate the replies.
  2. This leather DOES take colour beautifully :heart: I have a 26 toolbox in feu evercolor and the colour is very vivid. I love it. I'm too afraid to own a bag in swift, but evercolor seems to be the perfect medium between swift and togo. It's still very soft and luxurious, but it has a noticeable grain which I love. It is less structured than togo because it's much softer. My bag is over a year old and no scratches or issues so far. I wouldn't buy a large birkin or kelly in this leather, but in smaller sizes (under 30) I think it would be perfect.
    photo 2 (3).jpg
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  3. Thank you so much!!
  4. Love the toolbox and how cute you decorated your office with scarf booklets. I can see them on the wall behind your bag.
  5. Hehe thank you :shame: I loved the cover of that scarf booklet, and it makes me happy whenever I look over at it while I'm working
  6. Hi MsHermesAus thanks for the picture, your toolbox is magnificent.
    I am also scared of Swift, so when my SA mentioned Evercolour I said I didn't think i would like it, but she insisted I needed to take a look.
    Could you please tell me why you would not take a larger bag in this leather, it is a K32 that I am supposed to be viewing.
    Many thanks for your input.
  7. MsHernesAU, we're bag twins on this one. :biggrin: I like your twillies.
  8. CapriTrotteur, the evercolor leather is thin as compared to Togo and clemence. Both Togo and clemence bags will slouch over time but the evercolor comes a bit slouchy right off the bat. I use a very snug insert to keep its shape. I think in a larger bag, it'll slouch more. Now if you get a Kelly sellier in this leather, it won't slouch at all.

    I usually don't carry my H bags if it's gong to rain. Plus I always carry an Envirosac bag to put my H bag inside for just in case. I don't see why it shouldn't be fine if it gets some light water sprinkling on it as long as you wipe it dry right away.
  9. Fabfashion has summarised it perfectly. Evercolor is thinner and softer than other leathers, so it is more slouchy. I keep a bag organizer in my toolbox so it holds its shape, and keep it stuffed with tissue paper when I'm not using it. Some people prefer slouchy bags, but I personally prefer a more structured look. I had always loved the toolbox design, but refused to buy one in swift leather (even though it came in some beautiful colours). As soon as it came out in evercolor I knew I had to get it! I think you should definitely see the K32 in person. I'm sure it will be perfect!

    Thank you Fabfashion :heart::heart: I have to admit, I rarely wear twillies on my bags these days. Looking at this photo, I think I may need to start using them again!

    I couldn't have said this better myself!
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  10. i have an oxer in evercolour, i use it for travelling and gym. the leather is thick and hardy. been in the rain a few times and it is fine. i find it scratch resistant too. i don't baby my bags.

  11. You are amazing!!! Thank you
  12. Hi Fab thanks for the reply.
    Understood re the thin leather, I am not sure how I feel about slouchy, I guess I need to take a look.
    Regarding rain, it's an everyday hazard over here, it seems like most days's there is a chance of rain even if it isn't outright pouring.
    Looking forward to seeing more Evercolor examples.
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  14. Hi MsHermesAu thanks again for your reply. Your opinion is much appreciated and very useful that you agree with Fab on this.
    All of the wonderful feedback from you ladies helps a lot.
    Many thanks once again.
  15. Hi Chincac what a beautiful colour for your Oxer, that is an amazing bag.
    Thank you for your feedback, that is so helpful to hear for a larger size bag, and our ever present "climate" problem over here.
    I also get very "worried" about scratches so scratch hardiness is very important to me, good to know that evercolor is fairly durable in that sense.
    Looking forward to seeing more on Evercolor.
    Thank you once again.
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