Evercolour Leather

  1. Dear all,

    A bastia coin purse in leather type 'evercolour' recently caught my attention. I know that this is a new leather and just wondering if you have any opinions on this leather? Does it age well (compare to mysore, epsom etc.)? Does it feel soft and luxurious?

    Thanks in advance for your insights!
  2. It is just issued for a few months and I m not sure if it ages easily. My Lindy is in evercolour and it is light and scratch resistant.
  3. All I know is it's not a cheap leather
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  4. as per my SA, it is the color version of evergrain.
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  5. +1

    Also, it is more structured than Clemence (I also have a Lindy in Evercolor), but definitely not as structured as Chev or Box. It also seems fairly water resistant - I got stuck in the rain with mine once, and the drops just wiped off (the second I was so where dry! haha!)

    I heard other bags and Birkins are going to be coming in this leather - and I'm excited to see! :biggrin:
  6. I would love to know more about this leather. Is it a stamped leather-like Epsom or natural? Does it soften or remain structured?
  7. It is special in a sense not it is not as stiff as swift but it looks shiny under sunlight. But it is far from structured as epsom
  8. Does anyone know if it's lighter than Swift? :smile:
  9. Very similar in weight, if not lighter. As my ever color Lindy is almost 40% lighter than clemence in the Same siZe.
  10. can someone post a pic of this new leather? would really appreciate it, thank you!
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    Here you go.

    From top to bottom:
    Evercolor (ultraviolet)
    Swift (bleu hydra)
    Epsom (bleu lin)
    Clemence (gold)
    Chèvre Mysore (cumin)

    A close-up of Evercolor and Swift

    Both are in UV
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  12. oh my gosh thank you so much for these very helpful pics tammywks!!! it looks like a nice leather!
  13. You are welcome, carlinha.

    Got offered a Lindy 26 Crevette with ghw recently, but passed on it just because I wanna have a L 26 made of Evercolor instead of Clemence. Though the price tag of a L in Clemence is slightly cheaper than a L in Evercolor or Swift, I'm still obsessed with Evercolor's lightweightness and scratch resistance.
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  14. Thanks! Now I really want to get my hands on a bag in this leather. I love my Lindys but both are in Clemence and gosh they tend to feel a bit heavy on my arm.
  15. Thanks for the comparison! I was not aware that UV came in evercolour. I just bought a UV Lindy and though the receipt says Veau Swift, it looks just like your UV evercolour with smallish fine grains. It's strange isn't it!
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