Evercolor Hermes leather - Blue Hydra

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  1. Hi!

    Has anybody had any experience with the evercolor leather? Scratch resistant? Any major issue with corners? Being offered a STUNNING Blue Hydra Kelly in this leather. LOVE the color but not very familiar with the leather.

  2. I have had no problems with Evercolour. Just got another bag in this leather, bought a Berline a while back and that one is pristine. Relatively robust and yet slightly more formal to me than more grained leather. I cannot comment on how it touches up, but I think it should be fine. Hope this helps!
  3. I have a Lindy 30cm in ultraviolet evercolor. The color is super saturated and the leather is quite durable. Just keep it out of the rain...or if it gets wet, wipe it down quickly, this leather is not as weather resistant as some of the heartier leathers!

    I have a friend with a hydra GHW K32 in evercolor and it is beautiful!
  4. Durable grained leather
    However i think it will be slouchy in time to come
    Coz h uses this for lindy too
  5. Thank you all for the feedback! Have you experience any color transfer by any chance? Is this an embossed leather or is the grain natural?
  6. I have an evercolor in blue atoll Lindy26 and surprisingly it doesnt scratches and no color transfer so far ! :heart:
  7. I have a new blue hydra retourne Kelly in evercolor (see my avatar), and I love the leather! It takes color beautifully. I've had no issues with color transfer or scratches so far. Good luck with your decision!
  8. Thank you so much for all of your feedback! I decided to get it. The color was just too amazing to pass. I'll post a reveal picture soon :smile:
  9. I have a blue hydra Kelly in evercolor.... This is my favorite leather ! It is very strong, does not scratche, does not fear water..... Love it! Smooth and colorfull.
  10. image.jpeg
  11. Not an embossed leather...
    Amazing dear!!!!
  12. CONGRATULATIONS! BH is an amazing colour. Evercolour is a beautiful leather. These make for one irresistable bag.
  13. I have a mini Convoyer in bamboo ever color that I use constantly and love this leather! Takes color exceptionally well and wear has not been an issue. This is a small bag, so I can't speak for slouchiness, but it is soft yet seems very resilient and scratch-proof. So far I'm a big fan!
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  14. Congratulations on your beautiful new Kelly (twins with you)!!! It's such a beautiful blue...makes me smile every time I see it!
  15. So glad you started this thread. I bought a Kelly 28 in Blue Hydra GHW and I really haven't used her much as I was a bit concerned about this leather.

    I had been waiting for a blue hydra Kelly for about a year and a half after my SM told me BH was coming back and he put me down for one (He knows how much I love BH).

    When it came in in evercolor I had reservations. I took a look at it and since all the other specs were perfect I took it.
    I love the color saturation of the leather as well.

    So great to hear that this leather is holding up well for everyone.
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