Evercolor for daily use?

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  1. Does anyone use a bag in evercolor leather on a daily basis? I have read that it does ok in the rain, but I’m wondering how it will fare if used on a daily basis. I prefer Epsom, Fjord, and Togo, but am considering Evercolor in a Lindy.
  2. Did you read search or read up on evercolor before posting?
  3. Omg I LOVE Evercolor!!!!!! I have a Roulis and 2 Constance in Evercolor, which I rotate weekly. The leather feels soft and buttery, but durable enough for every day use. None of my bags have scratches on them. I don’t carry expensive bags when it’s pouring outside, but I’ve carried my R and C in light rain before and nothing happened to the leather (no water spots or blisters). I love soft leather, but hate the scratches so Evercolor is perfect for me.
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  4. You may want to do a forum search, there are many information.... Evercolor is more durable but NOT scratch resistant, good thing is light weight and can be repaired at H spa. Good luck dear.
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  5. I know this thread is older, but I wanted to report my experience. Have been using my evercolor vert cypress 2002 in San Francisco this week and tonight it got sprinkled on as I was walking back to the hotel. Not heavy rain, but wet drops.

    When I got inside, I dried her off with a towel and noticed slight bubbles like skin hives on the skin (photo 1). Within an hour, the leather had dried and I don’t see them any more (photo 2). Hope this helps anyone considering this leather.
    B4E580A1-6A1D-4891-9093-CB24F4A0CCFE.jpeg 29E5E577-69C3-46B8-B6DF-E8362FEBD510.jpeg
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  6. I have two mini roulises in Evercolor beton and vert anglais, and small leather goods including bastia, and Atout Pouch in evercolor. I have gooten some wear marks on my Vert Anglais mini roulis flap but it cleans up well with leather wipes. Its a great leather for me and I am hard on my bags. Hope this helps.
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  7. Today is a sad day because I realised that I scratched my lindy 30 in evercolor, can anything be done to fix this? :sad:
  8. Leather conditioner or cream?
    It doesn't look that deep
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  9. What leather conditioner or cream would you recommend? Sorry, i have no experience with bag care product. Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. I have an evercolor pouch that I bought last year, and i use it on a daily basis. I put coins on one side, and receipts on the other side. I must admit it’s not my favorite leather, although it does fair well with water. I think for small leather goods cherve is a lot more hard wear than evercolor. It does refurbish well (already has been sent to spa once), but at the same time I think it wears fast too. Here are some close up pix of the corners. Personally, I would not choose this for a workhorse bag. HTH!
    9376246A-AEEB-4FE8-B737-2CF89F4A4049.jpeg B94743C2-4031-47B2-B26A-9C8AF798335B.jpeg 0C65C2FA-C7E5-475D-8437-96F684B846C0.jpeg 9EB94ABD-D459-411F-B2E9-7B91980AADF1.jpeg
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  11. Check out docride leather care thread
  12. Hmmmm spa within a year - would agree. Maybe not great leather for knocking about in a bag daily.... although I can’t think of a leather that would escape use marks over time in that situation?

    Will report back with my 2002. Not using it daily but frequently. The strap on the hole I use most frequently has a strap bend which isn’t surprising.

    Do you have before and afters? Would love to hear more about how well it refurbished
  13. xiaoxiao, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and pics, very helpful. :flowers: I've been tempted by this pouch, the leather is gorgeous! :love: But as Evercolor is soft, I guess not ideal for SLGs that will get bumped around a bit in a bag.
  14. Unfortunately I didn’t take a before picture, but if I remember it correctly the corners needed touch up, so it refurbished pretty well. I have been using it for a couple of months after spa, again daily.

    I would say cherve def holds up much better. I have an old old Karo from years ago, never needed to spa, and I had used this particular one consistently for a few years (not currently, only when I’m traveling).

    HTH my dear! :flowers:
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  15. Yes, for sure! As I didn’t know much about this leather, I thought to give it a try. I was seriously tempted by the color (perfect for vacation actually, and can also used as a passport holder for a family of 4). No regret getting it, even though I wish this was made in cherve. :tup:
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