Evercolor for daily use?

  1. Does anyone use a bag in evercolor leather on a daily basis? I have read that it does ok in the rain, but I’m wondering how it will fare if used on a daily basis. I prefer Epsom, Fjord, and Togo, but am considering Evercolor in a Lindy.
  2. Did you read search or read up on evercolor before posting?
  3. Omg I LOVE Evercolor!!!!!! I have a Roulis and 2 Constance in Evercolor, which I rotate weekly. The leather feels soft and buttery, but durable enough for every day use. None of my bags have scratches on them. I don’t carry expensive bags when it’s pouring outside, but I’ve carried my R and C in light rain before and nothing happened to the leather (no water spots or blisters). I love soft leather, but hate the scratches so Evercolor is perfect for me.
  4. You may want to do a forum search, there are many information.... Evercolor is more durable but NOT scratch resistant, good thing is light weight and can be repaired at H spa. Good luck dear.
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