Everbest Birkin, Bolide, Kelly in Singapore

  1. I was out having dinner with my family when i stumble upon this shop at Marina Square, EVERBEST. They are selling Birkin, Kelly, Bolide styles handbag. Is this Legal? They have a huge range from wat i saw. Lots of colours and sizes. I sneakily took a few pics. Take a look !!

    This was on the window display, selling at SGD250 ( USD170)

    More inside the store

  2. I saw this at Vivo City.
  3. Nasty. Those don't even look like decent fakes. However, if they do not advertise them as Hermes, and the bags don't actually SAY Hermes on them, then they count as "designer inspired" and they are legal in the US. Not sure about Singapore.
  4. LOL I saw that a year ago. We can't do anything about them, normally I just hasten away from the shop to put as much space between myself and the falsies!
  5. There is also one outlet at Plaza Singapura, right by the main entrance.

    These bags do not bear the Hermes name. That's why they can get away with it. I am very sure that Hermes corporate knows about the existence of these stores.

    In my books, they are still fakes.
  6. They all look very bad by the way. Very obvious fakes.
  7. These are so obviously 'inspired' bags - they don't try to sell them off as 'Hermes'. I have no problem with these bags. It's the fakes that are being sold as 'authentic Hermes bags' that give me a headache. These ones don't.
  8. These aren't very good fakes... it's the ones being sold by Kwanpen and this japanese store starting with N (name just slipped my mind) in Taka that has got more realistic looking Birkins, in croc too.

    At least they aren't claiming to be real Hermes at those prices...
  9. ^^ Are you talking about the 5th floor taka shop? I saw that when I was going to the library! I was astounded by the croc stuff they have, but I don't dare to walk inside as I was carrying my K.