Ever wondering you might be stuck in the 90´s subsconciously ??

  1. We all see some people dressed and styled like they are still in the eighties (not the cool fashion revival, the original...), Big curly hair do´s, big glasses frames, shoulder pads, etc... Easy to spot, it´s so far back in time.
    In general as you mature til you become a grown up woman, you change style like every 6 months (remember the teenage years....) but after graduating college, I think we don´t change much anymore, we just wear things like we learned.
    Myself for instance, I buy new clothes every month.
    But I tend to wear things, or do things a bit like I did in the late 90´s (I was 20)...when the girls in the design field were dressed as simple and unisex as possible. I still like black, simple shapes and cuts, pair of jeans, adidas trainers, and more...but basically the old same urbanwear style !
    The new generation of female designers has manicures and stilettos ! lol !
    Ever wondering if you haven´t really moved on ?:rolleyes:
  2. When I was in HS in the 90's it was cool to dress like a Spice Girl-- body giltter, little "clippies" in your hair, chunky platform shoes and mini skirts. Or people dressed goth or like grungy skaters. I did kind of a combination-- higher rise boot cut jeans, short sweaters, and chunky heels. I will admit to wearing glitter, hair clippies and Hard Candy nail polish. The only thing I had a hard time letting go of is my "Rachel" haircut, which I had until about until about 2002 :shame:

    I like the new trends, so I haven't had a hard time adopting them. There are only a few things I really hate like ratty, skunky hair extensions and butt-crack bearing jeans with a thong. I won't be caught dead in either of those no matter what...
  3. I hope I don't look stuck in the 90's, but I do feel like a lot of the recent styles have passed me by. I like to think that my style is conservative, preppy and kind of classic, I guess. At my age (32) I try to avoid a lot of the "of the moment" trends because they change too quick for me.
  4. Awesome thread. U know this stuff is so much worse for women than guys...cuz guys style hardly ever changes. All I have to do is buy my dad a decent sweater shirt tie pants (dark colors) and he still looks decently sharp.
    However...my mom is a total diff story. She is 60 but she can pass for 50 and with proper dresses/eyeglasses/etc I swear she can pass for late 40s....that is IF she dresses right but for some reason she's stuck to these baggy 80's 90s style of conservative clothing and it just drives me nuts. And she's always watching tv and complaining of how she never can get look like that.

    I got her the basics...a lot of great stuff...armani black label handbags, ferragamo, gucci, judith leiber, starck eyes eyeglasses, burberry clothing...(she's 5"3 and 100 pounds so i'm limited what I can get her for clothing)

    and............she wears the same ole' same ole' style.

    So the magic question is..............what would u do to get ur mum to dress a bit younger/hipper. TLC's what not to wear isnt the answer lol.
  5. true, it is easier for guys. My dad has some of the same clothing he's had for years!

    I'm starting to dress a little less trendy than I used to and dress a little more mature I guess. I used to wear a lot more mini skirts and I dunno, but now that I'm 35 I think I'm just more interested in comfort and not having to worry about bending over and having someone see my butt cheeks.
  6. One of my grad school professors teased my boyfriend and I for our 90s ways. We wear all black and think that hacking computers is still cool. Pssh.

    As long as you're not wearing bra strap headbands and those little plastic butterfly clips, it's all good. :supacool:
  7. LOL! :lol: Ah, I remember the all black clothing days ;)

    Is it wrong for my music taste to still be stuck in the 90s? :shame:
  8. ohh i miss bra strap head headbands......
  9. oh yes, haha! i don't think im "stuck" in a BAD way, but some of the coolest styles, and my personal favorites to wear, harken back to the androgynous, simple, asymmetrical, black/gray/white, calvin klein-ish style of the 90s. and the casual stuff too! i find myself wearing a lot of those things. i was a teenager in 90s and therefore dressed a bit more "teenagery", but the more adult styles i liked back then, i still like! and wear :biggrin:
  10. Being stuck in the 90s is so much better than being stuck in the 80s. 90s styles may look a bit bland and conservative, but they were in classic, chic lines and you will never look cliched.
  11. Is wearing all black outdated? :wtf:
  12. ITA. I loved the 90s minimalism...

    It takes time for trends to evolve. I don't know anyone who dumped their wardrobe on 1/1/2000 and said well the 1990s are over, I've gotta get new clothes! LMAO!!

    I like to think I have adapted somewhat...no more high waisted jeans for many years now ha ha (although those are coming back now, yikes!), and two of my relatively new favorite clothing lines are theory and vince so I HOPE I don't look too dated in that stuff.
  13. And even if you are still "stuck in the 90s", who cares???? Do you like what you're wearing? That's all that matters.

    I freaking LOVE bra strap headbands. I have a ton of them, and wear the hell out of them . Again... who cares?

    And maybe I'm just old (31) but I see a lot of what's trendy right now and it just looks so played out and like it's trying too hard. No thanks. I will stick with my all-black, black glasses, and bra strap headbands, and be happy about it.
  14. As my subconsciousness is firmly planted way back in the seventies, no...I'm not stuck in the nineties.
  15. The 90's was a very tame decade for fashion compared to other decades. I grew up in the 90's and I can't think of that many trends that stand out. The only thing I remember about the 90's was the revival of trends from other decades, like the brief period when bellbottom jeans, flared jeans, peasant blouses, and platforms came back in.