Ever wondered where all the fake bags on ebay are coming from?

  1. LOL!!

    Take a look at the bluejean Birkin. They made it so the zippers align sideways too!! This just cracks me up. Another reason I tend to stay away from e-bay.


    And I don't know if this is true, but they claim that an ex-Hermes craftsman makes the bags just like he used to back at Hermes. wonder if ANYONE would leave working for Hermes to do such work?

    -------This was the add looking for sellers ------------

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  2. EEeww..

    I don't think so..why would someone do that?
  3. NO, not buying that. The bags still have the wrong shape to them. No Hermes craftsman made these!
  4. OMG!!!

    How weird is that out of the blues... actually, out of boredom, I clicked on the first page (Last page) of the Hermes forum and the very first post is:


    It's gross.....

    Anyways sorry about the double post ladies......
    although mine was not an attempt to sell but to make people stay away from it all....
  5. Yuk!!!
  6. How awful that he tried to claim authenticity.. I hate spammers.
  7. That nasty site deserve the puke smileys!

    WTF is box calf togo leather? And is leahter a word? What about inspried? :sick:

    For what it's worth, I reported that site to Hermes and LV.

  8. Never heard of a rigide Birkin, either. This is just :sick: :sick: :sick: !!
  9. :devil: :smash: :wacko: :weird: :rant: :yucky: :censor: :sick:
  10. This makes me think of another site that claimed to be using the same leather as hermes and the same craftsmen... It's in my older posts, I remember because I posted the terms and conditions also!
  11. OMG Sarah I can't believe you reported the site.
    I would have never thought of doing that.
    You go girl! :yahoo:

    lol too funny
  12. I guess I never imagined there would be people dedicated to manufacturing fake bags in such a massive scale..

    But how naive was I... Of course there are...
  13. Yeah, that's really disgusting... And to think there are people who buy them and then sell them on ebay for thousands of dollars (the fake birkins)...
  14. Thankfully there are some honest and good sellers on e-bay -

    boudoir - I love your "leather sniffer" comment - that's me too!!

  15. LV actually replied to my email, but I didnt hear a word from Hermes up until now. But anyhow, I did what I had to do.

    Shoot, I cant remember the name of the other "birkin" manufacturer that I want to share with you guys. This one is more scary, they actually weigh the bag to make sure their bags have the same weights as the real deal. Can't remember if I read about it the 1st time here or on another board. Will try to google it. I think this one's based on HK. Lemme see if I can find it.. brb..