Ever wondered how old would you be if you lived on a different planet?

  1. I know its got nothin to do with bags or purses, but i found this site and thought it was pretty interesting.

    You can enter you bday and it calculated how old you'd be if you lived on a different planet, i found out that if i lived on Mercury i'd be 105 years old! and in Earth days i am still 25, at least i dont feel that old anymore living here on Earth :smile:
  2. Im going to Mars LOL now going to decide where my weight suits me best LOL
  3. Mars it is LOL younger, lighter it has it all LOL
  4. I'm a 15 year old Martian. That site is cool.
  5. wow, I'm a nineteen year old martian!
  6. haha. this site is awesome.
  7. Neat-o! I'd still like to stick to my current age though...
  8. Right on! Im a 19.5 year old martian!
  9. lol :/ I'm a 13.5 year old martian
    cool site!
  10. Lol...I'd be 88 on Mercury and on Mars, I'd be 11.2.
  11. I'm 25 in Mars!! Not bad!!:heart:
  12. Im 0.065 years old on pluto lmao