Ever wondered how a Chanel bag is made ?

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  1. This pics make me WANT! Cool site, thanks. :smile:
  2. That is too cool! Talk about a dangerous place to work!!!!!!!!
  3. by the way the pic's begin from page 4 till page 13 :cool:
  4. Very cool. Look at all those Chanels!
  5. cool, thanks for posting.
  6. Thanks for forwarding this info to us!!!
  7. very cool..wow.
  8. wow, must take a long time...
  9. wow! thank you for forwarding the info. i wonder how much time does it take to make one handbag?
  10. can we intern for a day and as a reward get one? ha !ha! wouldn't that be awesome though?
  11. Thanks for sharing the link! What a captivating job!
  12. Way cool, I wonder how much craftsmen get paid.
  13. that's really cool :amuse:
  14. Very cool. Thanks for posting!