Ever wonder...

  1. I was reading a thread by aarti and she mentions Paramus Park Mall in NJ. Ever wonder who we are chatting with in the stores? Lately I have watched shoppers and said to myself..."hmmmm, could you be a purse forum member. We identity bracelets:yes:
  2. hmmmm that would be a nice idea. i always wonder if i see any of you fellow purse members while i'm walking around NYC.

    i think purse forum bracelets would be a cool idea. or something like that.
  3. hah! I would love an identity bracelet! or purse charm
  4. I think purse forum bracelets is an excellent idea.:biggrin::heart:
  5. heheeh i am up for that.. gosh, like a secret society or something.. lol
  6. that is cool!
  7. A cute purse charm to hang off our fabulous bag!!!
  8. Bracelets would be so cute!
  9. That would be so cool! It'd be like a radar or something--scan your eyes over people's wrists and if you saw it BING a PF member! lol!
  10. Actually, I like the idea of a charm in your purse!! ;)
    It would be soooo fitting!
  11. Great idea! Are there many of us in London????
  12. I love the bracelet or a charm on a bag idea!!!!! That would be so cool!
  13. I think a purse charm would be a great idea! It would be like a secret club!
  14. i LOVE THE IDEA!!!!! not that there are many pfers in bahrain. but we would at least knw eachother when travelling. haha how cool
  15. I think this is a great idea! I :heart: the idea of a charm!!
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