Ever wonder why the STUNNING color of your Bbag is SOOO DARN HARD to photograph???


Jan 6, 2006
another thing you have to consider is your computer monitor calibration, and your viewer's computer monitor calibration... I'm no expert in that but it is definitely going to affect how the color looks on screen, regardless of how well you photographed it.

A tip I heard once: put a common object like a coke can in each photo, something everyone will know -- that way they can judge how far or close to true color the thing is that they are viewing. everybody knows coca-cola red!!

bella sarafina

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Nov 22, 2006
interesting thread!

i have an embarassing confession to make - this is the reason why my bbag collection has remained unphotographed/undocumented thus far on tPF. i live in one of the country's most overcast cities, so finding good lighting is impossible. with spring approaching - let's be honest, it hasn't arrived in pittsburgh yet - it's becoming easier, thankfully.

picasa is something i need to check out. and thanks for the tip about the coke can/reference item :smile:

Melisande R.

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Feb 20, 2007
I was using coke cans and tomatoes next to my Rouge Vif - and all three looked the same (on my monitor). I am actually working at calibrating my monitor (it can be done! I have some kind of color management system I can tweak - I know I can get it closer). If I print the pictures out, they're much better, the color is better.

But, I know that many people are buying on ebay or online - and it's often very hard to tell what color is presented.

I'm going to keep trying and appreciate the suggestions about cloudiness, time of day, etc. I'm going to use a white background and a coke can, both, next time.



Nov 10, 2005
I just spent the evening taking pics of my bbag...and after two different sets of pics in different lightings...I'm still going to do another round tomorrow against natural outdoor lighting... Hopefully, I'll be happier with the results!


why bother
Jun 27, 2006
I did!!

As many of you know :P I love to take pics of my handbags (and my dogs :heart: and other stuff too!).

But it drives me NUTS that it's sooo hard to take a pic of my bags showing the true-to-life color.

Turns out that cutting Chem class in HS was a mistake :supacool: There is actually a chemical reason why it's sooo take good pics of your Teals, your Blue Indias, Rouge Theatre (!!! ** see note), and on and on down the gorgeous Balenciaga color wheel.

I was reading, "Rebel Without a Crew" and Robert Rodriquez writes, "with indoor film a regular light bulb registers red on film". :wtf:

Check this out:

We know that if you mix equal amounts of red, green and blue light, you get white light. Color photography, film, and printing, as well as Photoshop, are based upon R + G + B = W. However, there is no such thing as white light.

Cyan Absorbs Red
Yellow Absorbs Blue
Magenta Absorbs Green
Red Absorbs Blue and Green
Green Absorbs Red and Blue
Blue Absorbs Red and Green

If you walk into an office lit with fluorescent tubes, you will find yourself in a world filled with green light. Your eyes may not see it, but your camera will.

Outdoor light has a blue tint.

Your living room probably has incandescent lights that has a yellow to orange cast.

Most video cameras see 3,200 degrees Kelvin light as standard light under which white is white. If you white balance your camera under 3,200 degrees Kelvin, most everything will appear the correct color!! :wlae:

Note: After spending a year lusting after Rouge Theatre online, I finally met one in person. OMG! I was stunned. She was much much darker than I ever anticipated. Turns out the color and the light sources most of us use are to blame for make Rouge Theatre look true in many pics.


Apr 26, 2006
Very, very interesting. It really does make sense.

Thanks for sharing.

Oh and BTW, can one buy the book at BN or Borders?


why bother
Jun 27, 2006
It's geeky but cool :smartass:

What I'd love to do is compile a bunch of pics here showing what I mean. It drives me crazy with the bbags!! It's sooo hard to see the true color unless you are in person.

It literally took me HUNDREDS of pics to get this true-to-life shot of Rouille (same for Grenat *and* white!!!!):

BTW: the book is actually about Robert Rodriquez's efforts filming "El Mariachi" for $8K, LOL!!!


why bother
Jun 27, 2006
Sorry for the non-bbag example, but check out these two pics of the same rouge paddy:



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May 17, 2006
Yes, i always have problem capturing the right angles/colors of the actual bag....it could be due to i'm not a professional photographer and never know any knowledge abt photography....well, it could be one of the reason.....sigh


Nov 9, 2005
Yes, it drives me crazy! Especially with the bleu india...such a gorgeous color, but hard to capture the true color.

Cheshire Cat

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Feb 12, 2007
Very interesting! I find that natural sunlight is the best way to get the truest colours of my bags, but even that can fail sometimes.

...Plus, I'm in Seattle, and there just isn't a lot of natural sunlight... :rolleyes:


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Jun 9, 2006
Yes, it drives me crazy! Especially with the bleu india...such a gorgeous color, but hard to capture the true color.

I know, Borsa Bella!!:yes: I am getting a BI soon but am so confused about what it will look like as the colour looks sooo different in every single pic I've seen!! I'm sure I'll love it but I am soooo confused!! Can someone post a pic of a BI that they believe reflects the true colour of Blue India pls?:yes::heart:


why bother
Jun 27, 2006
LOL, ya' that rouge looked like about 5 different bags!!

So what's the solution?!?!

Ahh, professional light sources at 3200 Kelvin! :okay:


I saw a gorgeous 05 Turq First for sale and the pics were soo pretty but she said all the green was leached out. :upsidedown:

Also the Magenta pics are unbelievable different than the actual color. I can't wait to get mine to experiment!! :greengrin:

Ummm, my most successful pics are always in natural light, often on a semi-cloudy day. :shrugs: