Ever wonder why Paddy Colors are so hard to photograph? Or Kelvin 101

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  1. I did!!

    As many of you know I love to take pics of my handbags (and my dogs and other stuff too!).

    But it drives me NUTS that it's sooo hard to take a pic of my bags showing the true-to-life color.

    Turns out that cutting Chem class in HS was a mistake :supacool:

    There is actually a chemical reason why it's sooo take good pics of your whites, blues, and esp rouge bags and on and on down the gorgeous Chloe color wheel.

    I was reading, "Rebel Without a Crew" and Robert Rodriquez writes, "with indoor film a regular light bulb registers red on film".

    Check this out:

    We know that if you mix equal amounts of red, green and blue light, you get white light. Color photography, film, and printing, as well as Photoshop, are based upon R + G + B = W. However, there is no such thing as white light.

    Cyan Absorbs Red
    Yellow Absorbs Blue
    Magenta Absorbs Green
    Red Absorbs Blue and Green
    Green Absorbs Red and Blue
    Blue Absorbs Red and Green

    If you walk into an office lit with fluorescent tubes, you will find yourself in a world filled with green light. Your eyes may not see it, but your camera will.

    Outdoor light has a blue tint.

    Your living room probably has incandescent lights that has a yellow to orange cast.

    Most video cameras see 3,200 degrees Kelvin light as standard light under which white is white. If you white balance your camera under 3,200 degrees Kelvin, most everything will appear the correct color!!
  2. check out these two pics of the same rouge paddy:


  3. mmmmm....rouge paddy...:shame: I'm so happy I snagged one from the AlohaRag sale!

    So, the 1st pic is in natural light and the 2nd is incandescent? With the 1st pic, I see blue undertones while in the 2nd pic, it looks more orangey...
  4. Wow, cool!! That's such a big difference!!
  5. Exactly!! :yes:

  6. hmwe46, is that an '05 or '06 rouge you have there?
  7. thats so interesting! Thanks for the lighting lesson!!!!
  8. It's an 06: check out Sunspark's thread on 05 v 06 Rouge (same bag ;))

  9. It's interesting, isn't it?

    Similarly, rubies always look best in incandescent light and sapphires in daylight. :yes:
  10. hmwe46,great info!:tup:
    Any idea on how to do the adjustment for Sony digital camera T10?:confused1:
  11. 1st pic almost looks pink to me.
  12. Cool! Thanks!
  13. Wow, lots of good info, thanks much.
  14. Check out this photo of BLANC (it looks almost like Craie or Sable!!):