Ever wonder why bf female friends are rather anti social towards the gf?

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  1. Its really frustrating to know that most of my bf normal girl-friends whom seem to just not interested to know me..yea..his other half..they invite him and ask him out and not acknowledge and invite me..im not asking to be invited though, its just that..i wanna know why..dont they realise that im in his life, at least maybe want to know me? i dont mind meeting anyone of them, my bf thinks otherwise..oh boy..come on, friends can have new friends right? unless if there's a story behind then i doubt tat they would wanna know the gf..how should i be feeling about this..:s should i just ignore them and be happy wit my bf now..:rolleyes:
  2. I think that your bf needs to make his friends aware that he has someone in his life. If he gets invited out he needs to reply.. Sure Jewald (dont know your name) and I would love to join you. :flowers:
  3. I'm thinking that maybe these girls are not good at accepting "new" friends into the crowd. I have a group of friends (guys and girls) and we are all pretty close. I usually try to get to know the girlfriends of the guy, but the other girls in the group didn't like the "new g/f" b/c they just did not like anyone else in the group~

    Like amamxr said, he should try to make his friends aware that you are now a part of his life!
  4. Yeah, I do wonder sometimes. But then again, I never think any girl is good enough for my best guy friend so maybe that's it? I still try to be nice to them though. It bugs me when we're all out and my BF's female friends don't try to even attempt to make conversation with me though but I guess that's how girls are.
  5. Sometimes they really care about their friends that they don't think just any girl is good enough for him. Some guy friends do that too but you know what? In the end, he chose to be with you and in the end, they will accept that. I know cause that's what I see to some of my friends around me.
  6. In a way, i feel like a threat and left out..coz i dont see any reasons y being in a relationship i have to divide my friends..i love getting to know more ppl..esp if its my bf frens, of coz i wanna know them, not just ignore them,its always the opposite sex thingy that just makes things complicated, they ignore me or i duno..just leave me out on things..i just wish my bf understands..coz im very sure if my guyfrens were to want to ask me out and only me it would be very uneasy for him..coz most of the time we go out together..its build that way our relationship..trust is so hard to gain..really..hopefully he opens his thoughts and understand that me being in his life he has to acknowledge me to ppl around us. I'm not asking him to shoutout or wear shirts saying She's my GF..:Push: just make me feel like i am his baby,not left out..
    I'm a person whom would never hide my affections for the one i love..:love:
  7. They may just not feel they have a lot in common with you...sometimes girls who have guys friends are more sporty girls, etc and have more in common with guys than girls.
  8. Hoo boy, this issue actually drove me and my (now ex) BF apart a couple years ago, or it was at least a driving factor. He had a neighbor who thought real life was a sitcom where it was OK to just randomly stop by and say hello (tight community with unlocked doors, I know it sounds weird).

    For her it was insecurity. HER BF had recently moved out and she was probably craving male attention. Unfortunately, she preyed on my very generous and outgoing BF and took advantage of him. And unfortunately he didn't have any sense of boundaries to tell her to back the f*** off. I did and then I end up looking like the *****.

  9. ITA. :yes:

    IMO, it is up to your BF to ensure that his friends know that he is now in a relationship.

    If he doesn't want to do that and his friends treat you as insignificant, too, I would not only be concerned about how serious he is about you; I would also be concerned about how serious he has ever been about any of his partners to date... :s
  10. thankfully things happened..we're gradually getting much much better than the time i posted this thread..thanks alot for all the advices..the best is to have patience and give each other time..:happydance:
  11. No problem! :flowers:

    Glad to hear things are now going well between you both! :biggrin:
  12. :yes: :love: hehee..thanks alot :smile: btw i most certainly feel that patience and never giving up on what you know its best and right for u and him..i thank tpf for having great ppl to share with..
  13. I missed this thread the first time, but glad it worked out! I think I'd be a little suspicious of a close guy friend's new gf, but I think I'd try to warm up to her. I hope that's what happened!
  14. exactly..and trust is so hard to gain..i always feel i should know what his friends are like instead of hiding...it makes anyone feels more suspicious..oh well..but things are looking good now..hopefully it stays this way and gets better..anything please share with me okie :yes: love to help tpf ppl :yes:
  15. Either they feel jealous that he's with you and not any of them, or they feel overprotective of him. (It's the same exact situation where the guy's sister or mother is automatically wary of the new girl.)