Ever Wonder What your Dog is Dreaming About?

  1. My dog was sleeping on the floor next to me and started waggin her tale in her sleep. I love when she does that! I always hope she is dreaming about me but I figure it is a food related dream.
  2. I always think they are chasing something, as my dogs legs look like they are running when they are dreaming.
  3. I've watched them move their paws like they're running, move their lips, and make faint growling or barking sounds. I assume they are having fun chasing something in their dreams. I hope they are good dreams. It is so cute to watch them dream.
  4. i think you are right with the chasing dream.... my dog does that too. maybe chasing squirrel.... hm.... fun....
  5. I think it's funny when they run in their sleep. I think mine dream about chasing the ball around the field.
  6. Mine run, yip, and growl in their sleep. I think they dream about chasing critters.
  7. I always wonder what mine dreams about!! She wags her tail, moves her paws, and barks (well, muffled) in her dreams. So cute. :p
  8. I'm smiling :smile: reading this thread. Our pets give us so much pleasure and unconditional love, and ask so little in return. It's so cute watching them dream.:love:
  9. It is so cute. Lucy wags her tail and growls. I'm sure it's a food dream lol.
  10. sometimes i want to comfort them.. especially
    when i heard them crying or moaning..
  11. I know, whenever mine sounds like she's having a bad dream I wake her up gently and rub under her neck. She's my baby afterall!

  12. I do that too! Good to know I'm not too nuts when it comes to my dogs.