ever wonder, what if....

  1. what if...someone spills something on my bag?

    i have this paranoid fear that when i'm out at a restaurant or elsewhere, a child, waitress, or other unassuming adult will accidentally ruin one of my bags by spilling on, staining, etc... and if they did (esp. if a small child), what am i supposed to say? excuse me, u need to pay to repair my really expensive purse?

    case in point: we were at a wedding with my MIL and FIL and my MIL had her babylone bag. she placed it on the floor (which i would never do) and when offered an appetizer by a waitress, the waitress leaned over and spilled some greasy barbeque sauce on her bag:wtf:. she called me over to speak with the manager, insisting to get in writing that they would pay for the repair of her handles (oily sauce, what a mess). i explained that the repair would be costly, the bag currently sells approx $1100. long story short, they ended up only giving her $200 for a $600 repair (riduclously expensive anyway). luckily, the stain isn't too noticeable, and its on the inner part of the strap.

    i have moved my bag from one side of my chair to another when a waiter and tray walks by, or if small children are around.:shame:

    anyone else have my same fear?
  2. Lol not really but it DID almost happen the other day. I was in Starbucks and there was this really pushy lady in front of me. She paid then turned around so quick, she almost bashed into me...then when her drink came up (a Strawberry Creme Frappuccino), she was in such a hurry to get out, she slid it too quick across the counter and it crashed to the floor. I was carrying my Damier Speedy and fortunately, both my bag and I escaped without any damage, but this guy standing right next to her got a shower of sticky pink drink.
    I felt SO bad for him but just cringed at the thought of that drink all over my bag.
  3. I've never worried about that.

    I would suggest if you are afraid of getting something on it, either leave it at home, carry a bag that isn't hard to clean, put the bag in a chair by itself or if you are at someone's house put it away so nothing can get on it.
  4. Hell yeah!! My husband thinks I am a nut the way I rearrange chairs etc to protect my bag and coat. We were at a restaurant with no coat check and I had taken my new Burberry winter coat out for the first time and he kind of slung it over a chair for me, I got up and folded the coat so that the lining was on the outside, "in case something gets spilled on it". So DH got a little indignant cause I didn't like how he did it. whatever. Wouldn't you know... the food runner brought out my husband's app., mussels in a salsa verde (Spanish place) and the greasy sauce dribbled on the lining of the coat!!!! At least it wasn't on the outside, I got it dry cleaned and all was well, but I was pissed!! After that incident that night, I pulled the chair in so that my Gucci lg horsebit hobo could be covered by the tablecloth. So yeah, I am on guard when I am out because people are careless and thoughtless.
  5. i am by nature paranoid about all of my belongings -- coats, bags, etc. when i was in high school, i had this dark green leather coat that i adored. my friend persuaded me to join the cheerleading squad, and we were cheering at a basketball game w/ our coats and bags in the bleachers of the gym. our coaches' obnoxious daughter was running around w/ a pop sans lid and, well what do you know, spilled it all over my coat. though i was able to clean the pop off and take it to be conditioned just in case, i never forgot that moment and ever since i have been ultra-careful w/ my belongings because in the end you can only rely on yourself to be cautious!!!

    and as a side note, our coach continued to let her daughter run amok in the gym and didn't even apologize for the incident. that's okay, she was a peach of a woman and ended up getting canned anyway. :smile:
  6. i would speechless and freeze if someone spill something on my bags...
    thought about that many times, but never found an answer:sad:
  7. When my DH and I go out for dinner, we used to ask for a booth, so my purse is safe. If we go to some crowed restaurants, I always take a sweater/ shirt with me, so I can cover it (if anything happens, at least there's a cover). It won't look so weird when people see you have a sweater or shirt with you, but they don't know the true purpose. :smile:)

    For a party, if I know it is a kids involved party, I won't take my purse with me.
  8. I got over it once I had kids. There's not much you can do.
  9. I would never take my bags out if I worried about them getting something on them.

    I figure if something happens, I can clean it or get another one.
  10. I am paranoid about the same thing. Particularly cuz my bigger bags are vernis items which could get easily scratched/scuffed if someone really banged into it. Also the vachetta--if someone spilled something greasy on it, they'd be really damaged. I guess I could replace the handles, but yeah, it would cost $$.

    i guess if a kid or someone random end up damaging my bag, I'd probably ask them (or their parents) to pay for the repair. After all, parents all the time are asked to pay for items their kid may break/damage in a say, a gift shop or antique shop...why would it be different if were someone's bag?
  11. i would cry and then be enraged.
    i keep my bag on my lap or between my feet with one foot through the strap in case some one trys to nick it

  12. OMG!!! i feel so horrible for the guy! it's reasons like this that people really need to slow down and watch what they're doing. it ends up ruining not your day, but the culprit's as well.

    i'm not sure what i'd do exactly. i'd probably be in total shock one minute and then completely go apesh*t the next! i'll try to dive in and save my LV before anything comes within a 2 ft. radius. culprits beware! you NEVER want to mess with a PFer and their bags!
  13. Do you know, I haven't even thought about it. Hasn't happened yet, might never happen. Sounds to me like a dreadful waste of energy to worry about something that might never happen! I guess if ever it does ... I'll worry about it then. :supacool:
  14. omg i never thought about that until now! at restaurants and stuff i always place my bag on the carpet. iguess i have to stop now...
  15. I usually place it on my lap so the onus is on me not to spill things on it....

    Or beside me where there is empty space and no clumsy hands! :graucho: