ever wonder what a "duffle" really is?

  1. Because when I was growing up, we always called big drum bags with drawstring tops, or ones that lay on their sides with a zipper across the top, duffle bags. The first time I looked at the duffle section of the Coach website, I had a good chuckle.

    Anyway, seems like duffle is a word subject to personal interpretation. :smile: Just thought I'd bring up something new and abstract.
  2. You know, I always thought it was wierd that they called those bags "duffles" too!

    duffle bags are big travel bags that look like barrels, that's it! LOL
  3. I always thought the same thing. when I bought my black signature duffle my husband said "that's not a duffle" !
  4. haha! I totally agree!! When i frist saw a Coach "duffle" i thought to myself "how on earth did they decide to call that bag a duffle?". Go figure!