Ever wonder if...

  1. This quote fascinated me and I think it's true.

    "The Internet is unlike anything we've seen before," says David Greenfield, PhD, founder of the
    Center for Internet Studies (www.virtual-addiction.com). "It's a socially connecting device that's socially isolating at the same time."
  2. Sometimes I wonder because I've noticed that whenever I get a new purse it's always more expensive then the last one..
  3. ^^^ same here... :push: But you know, then I rationalize the purchase/time spent on PF and think, hey, I deserve it! LOL then again, isn't that how an addition starts?
  4. lol, to add on to what the previous poster said...i end up buying a purse sometimes after realizing that i've ALREADY paid for it just by the sheer number of hours spent obsessing over it!! i might as well get it and find some peace :smile:

    But...i only allow myself to get something every once in a while... when i'm hunting/thinking...it's like ALL I CAN THINK OF!!! it's very scary... yesterday i finally made a decision and bid on a bag ...and i was finally able to get some work done around here...lol
  5. It´s something I have to be careful of, for sure.....
    Before my internet use was for checking emails, news, and a useful google search for work. Now my thirst for informations has lead me to hours of surfing, from design stuff to medical to fashion. I just don´t buy over internet (I have occasionnally but mostly for train and flight tickets and holiday packages).
    The hours on tPF and blogs and watching tv series make me less productive at work, and definitely neglecting my BF the evening :sad: It´s the first thing I do the morning and when getting back home.....is it bad doctor ??? I must be on 20 h /week