ever won a paypal dispute as a seller for this?

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  1. buyer wins item pays with paypal
    I ship super fast, she gets it within 4 days

    13 days after auction close, 7 days after she receives it, she emails me and says that the bag is smaller than she expected and she wants to return it.

    I told her the dimensions as well as 10 other lines of exact description are in the listing as well as 5 pictures of the bag, so I will not accept a return.

    If she files a dispute with paypal will they look at my auction and see that I did have the dimensions in there, etc and possibly side with me?

    I smell buyers remorse on her part, but I'm just not going to take a return after 13 days, she's probably been using it!
  2. that's a tough one... paypal USUALLY sides with the buyer in "item not as described" cases. I would be sure to provide them with all information they ask for and tell them everything you wrote here. This will probably help. I wouldn't take the bag back on return because she probably HAS been using it and then the bag will be worth less than when you sold it. Who knows if she damaged it at all or something like that. Good luck.
  3. I'm just so sick of getting screwed on these things. I do SUCH detailed descriptions, I put that I will not accept returns for buyers remorse.

    She only has 3 feedbacks, so I am hoping she will just accept it and go away without any trouble
  4. I am getting SO disappointed with ebay/paypal.

    I think paypal WILL side with your buyer unfortunately because they don't care. They won't read that you put the descriptions in your listing -- they are all about money.

    I'm sorry your buyer sucks :sad:

    I'm feeling pessimistic today, I guess.
  5. I know, that's what I'm afraid of. Drives me nuts.
  6. It could go either way. I was the buyer. The seller was INCHES off her size description and I proved it with Macys manager/signature/phone number/title AND with pics lying across the bag sent to Paypal. Paypal STILL sided with the seller. You never know. :shrugs:
  7. I understand. I'm not inches off, centimeters at best

    It was a coach pouch, which are small, I listed it as 7" x 6" x 3" (I measured it and compared the measurements to coach's website, they are correct).

    I'm sorry that happened to you, inches off is not right.
  8. hmm thats a tough one, I would personally side with the seller. You mentioned the exact dimensions. The buyer knew this when she bid on the item. Did you mention in your description you would take returns?
  9. I say that I will try to resolve any problems, but I will not accept returns for buyers remorse or if something doesn't fit. I also say that I will only accept returns if the item is defective or damaged and I missed something, but it must be returned immediately. she waited 7 days after she got it to even contact me.
  10. I don't think the buyer has a real argument for item not as described, because it IS as described. She should have acted right away if she was somehow disappointed. I think the week time period will give you the benefit.

    I would answer her exact that and if she wished to file a complaint, it has to be that way.

    Did she leave you feedback already?
  11. no not yet, I just responded to her very simply and said "I'm sorry, but the dimensions of the bag are clearly stated in the listing. All sales are final."
  12. I don't leave feedback for my buyers until I receive it for this very reason.
  13. if you clearly stated the bag info then I would not accept a return. should not take buyer 7 days to contact you and state she is not happy with the size. that should have been done the day she received the bag.
  14. I meant to ask if the buyer left feedback for you?
  15. Why, Oh Why would Paypal side with the Buyer if you have given accurate measurements in your description. Did you give accurate measurements and if you did, then she does not have a case. If its too small for her, she should have thought of that before buying it....

    Why are we all walking on Eggshells around Ebay and Paypal... They dont do anything for free, we pay for everything.

    As long as YOU are in the right, and you described the item and measurements ACCURATELY then she is under legal contract to buy. Its like buying from any other store.