ever wish you bought "classic" instead of "trend"


Nov 25, 2007
I don't want to make the same mistake twice! Several years ago, IMO - I made a silly purchase that took me a year to pay for! I bought a MC Courtney with the studs. It is extremely heavy and I purchased it on the SAKS MPA - 12 months no interest. I know it cost over $2,000 because that is the minumum to finance on that card. I should have went with a classic Vuitton. Now I'm saving $200 a month by purchasing store gift cards for free-standing boutiques. They cannot be used in the Vuittons in Saks or other department stores. I will have at least $1200 by October. Was going to get the Delightful PM (already own Delightful GM). But yearning for blue mono canvas kusama speedy or neverful. Would that be a mistake again?


viva la juicy
Apr 13, 2011
how is it a mistake?

do you not wear it?

frankly, nobody can EVER tell me i'm wearing a "trend"....

one of my favorite bags is a velour purple leopard print, which i thought was a trendy bag, but i loved it so i purchased it...i wear it all of the time, whenever the mood strikes...at this point, that bag has been worn so much that i've definitely gotten more than my moneys worth back on it.

you should buy a bag that you love, because you love it....

i think it is really smart of you to buy giftcards to save up your money, rather than paying off a debit card..i'll have to steal that trick!lol...i always just buy what i can afford....maybe next time i'm window shopping, i'll buy a giftcard with the money instead....then when i finally see something i like, i can just get it right away.
you are very smart.

also, i'm not a fan of the delightful-i personally would regret going with a smaller bag.....i'd definitely go for the speedy just because it is so happy looking.


Aphrodite A
Jul 18, 2010
What if you sell the Courtney? it sounds like you don’t love it anymore, maybe someone else will… As far as buying the classics, yes it’s a better “investment" if you plan to keep long term, although personally I don’t consider the Delightful a classic but a lot of people love this bag.


Mar 29, 2006
It totally would be. I learned that with the Cherry Blossom collection, and paying a premium during the height of the craze. I only need to lose money once before I learn a lesson of that sort. Your mileage may vary.


Jul 16, 2009
I find as the years go by I'm turning towards more classic, simple clothing and bags. I still love my mc bags though. If you don't love the Courtney, I'd sell it. What about getting an accessory or something small from the kusama collection? (I haven't seen any of the accessories yet). This way you can have your classic bag and still have something from the new collection.

Once in a while though I see something different that I have to have--I recently got a Tahitienne Cabas PM in lilac. Before I purchased it, I made sure it would go with a lot of my summer/spring clothing and I also got a really good deal on it--THAT was pretty much what made me pull the trigger on it. As much as I love my Speedys and NF's I love to carry something that no else is carrying - it's good to be unique sometimes! LOL:biggrin:


Jan 11, 2008
Yes, I have learnt my lesson. I started selling them, realising that some of the bags I was getting only 50% back of what I had paid on the second hand market.

Now I stick to simple bags, or classic styles (alma etc). No more purchasing on a whim for me... and I have also ruled out Kusama for this reason - I can't see myself carrying this in 5 years time!!


May 14, 2012
I try not to get into the hype of LE. I stick with the classics...they hold excellent resale value if/when you decide to sell them down the road if they are in great condition. LEs...you get them on ebay anytime and I don't view as a "collectors" item, as I do for painting/artwork. Just my opinion...