Ever want something new, but not sure what?

  1. So, I am ready for something new...but not sure what....

    As I look around, I feel a lot of maybes.....but nothing wow!

    I wish mirior was coming sooner, that would scratch the 'itch', but it's still too far.
  2. maybe you dont want something new. look around for discontinued lines. right now, im bored with the current (affordable) louis vuitton selection...it just depends on what you can afford and what your tastes are...
  3. that's a good idea!
  4. Yah, I hate that feeling. You want something but nothing really calls to you. It's almost as bad as waiting for bags to arrive.

    More shoes? You may need a bigger place to house them though.

  5. LOL Yes I just had mine.

    However today I bought the Monogram Satin Aumoniere in brown AND the Trompe L'Oeil pouchette.

    I am pretty scratched....for now. LOL
  6. Yeah I get that feeling, especially when I KNOW something new is coming out and I keep dropping by LV to see if it's in, but it's not. My LV is boring right now (all the Canelle Epi and Sienne Suhali stuff with some Mini Lin mixed in)...they don't have ANY of the things I want!
  7. Yes, that happens to me! I keep looking through visual aids and the clubhouse pics trying to find things to add to my now dwindling LV wishlist. :P
  8. Thanks so much everyone, I thought I was going crazy (or more crazy).
  9. That's happened to me as well...

    But, since I just bought new Speedy Azur early this month, Cerises Bucket (which's on the way to me), and waiting for Mirroir next month; I'm pretty stop wanting anything now (no more money to spend).

    Hope you will find what you want soon...:amuse:
  10. Always. I love the getting part more than the having part.
  11. Hee hee my itch is scratched for a few weeks...:smile:

    I totally know what you mean, though!
  12. Yup, I have that feeling right now. It's a pain because I can't get to an LV store (the closest is 6 hours drive away), and I don't want to just buy something sight unseen.

    I thought I wanted the Saleya PM, but then I read it's uncomfortable on the shoulder, and the MM looks too big. Since the price rise, I've got a mental block purchasing at full list price.

    I might just buy clothes or shoes instead....
  13. amazingly enough, i DON'T have that feeling anymore :wtf:. i have an extremely short wishlist for graduation/birthday/Christmas (all of which are in December), but i don't know if i even really want them. i just got my last discontinued bag, and i think i'm done for a good while
  14. Well, I have a wish list - but it changes lol. So when I have the $ - I don't know what I really want first. I just know when I buy LV - I'll be so excited. I'm always discovering new knowledge of LV, and names of LV purses. When I do buy something new, I know I will love it equally as my other LV purses. :upsidedown:
  15. I used to. Now it's more like if I see it and like it, I'll get it if I can. I had that feeling before though.