ever wanna buy one of those used and abused speedys from ebay??

  1. so as we all know i LOVE speedies...wanna collect em all. lol. right now i have the mono 30 and damier azur 25, (getting the damier 25 for my bday)

    but i am always on eBay looking for a used one going for super cheap...idk why but i really wanna get one for like $100 and just use and and not care about it. as ive said before i dont baby my bags...but i am still kinda careful with them. my bf owns a shop (hes in school too but right now he owns his own business) and i am ALWAYS there and they are always doing dirty things, wether it be painting cars or pulling motors and i always think twice about bringing my lvs there....so i would love to still be carrying around LV and not worry about it with one that has already been used and abused....(not one of the ones with BLACK handles by any means...but...ya know...nice patina goin on)

    anyone else??
  2. No, I'm too picky. I have to inspect it like a psycho in the boutique before I'll buy it. LOL I wish I were different and would carry one like that.
  3. ^--- lol- I'm the same way.

    When there is a mark on my bag- esp on the handles it'll bug me....... I mean eventually I'll get over it- you KWIM.
  4. Yep....I obsess like some lunatic over a small pinpoint size mark. Once I start using it, I'm over it. I hate being this way, but I eventually know I get over it.
  5. I would never buy a used and abused bag from eBay.

    I buy from the Louis Vuitton boutique and use my bags all the time.
  6. by carry it i mean....it the garage....i guess im not as picky..like for my good one im picky (its been taking me forever to find a multicolore speedy with the right colors) but i always want a bang around purse..one that i dont care about and stuff...id just love to have an LV that i could do that with. especially we all know how durable the speedys are
  7. i LOVE used and abused bags...i don't mind being the one who rescues them from destruction! (especially if i get it cheap! lol)
  8. okay obviously my everyday in public bags are all from 1866vuitton. but im just saying like...for $100 how can you go wrong....especially if you are in such a rough envionment.

    WOWWWW whatever....so sorry i even started this thread...didnt know i was gonna be hung for it. but yeah i would rather haver a cheaper lv and not go crazy being paranoid about ruining it.

    as much as i LOVE LV...and i do. its still just a purse, im not gonna treat it like a small child. if i am going to be spending $ on something, i am going to use it and enjoy it.

    i always have a designer junky bag that i dont really give a crap about and use it when im outside or at the shop, fishing (my bf loves to fish he keeps buying boats!) stuff like that, id still like to carry LV, but not ruin my good one.
  9. ^ no don't feel bad, i totally agree with you! If anything, I'm always happy to take a "pre-loved" bags off somebody's hands for 100 bucks. Especially what you'd be using it for, it's perfect! I say go for it!
  10. I love used speedies... as long as its still useable I love the look! plus they're always cheap :biggrin:
  11. for alot of people it's just a personal preference. the gals in the bbag forum LOVE used, pre-loved bbags because of how well the bag looks broken in. As for my preference. I prefer my bags brand spanking new! I would buy a used bag if it something I love and was no longer available at the store.
  12. I would, I'd clean up the vachetta with a magic eraser...but I've never seen one for $100 - can you really find authentic ones that cheaply??
  13. I understand your motivation. I see nothing wrong with buying authentic used and abused bags, whether its for rehabbing or just to throw around your BF's shop. Watch out though, you may buy one of those beat-up bags and end up loving it and carrying it the most simply because you don't have to worry about it. LOL!
  14. I am way too picky for that! It always sounds like a good idea to get a used bag.... but then I hate it once I have it! I want a pretty perfect one too when I first get the bag.
  15. I'd love one. If my daily life involved going into risky environments where my bags might get damaged, I would get one too. Go for it.