Ever used a "Purseket"? Like it?

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  1. Pursekets are organizers that you load up with your small things like cell phone, keys, and put in your purse. The supposed benefits are keeping your stuff organized and facilitating quick switches from purse to purse.

    There is a purske web site:www.pursket.com (I think)

    Have you/do you use a Pursket? Any pros or cons you would be willing to share?

    Looked like may-be a good thing for my new . . . .I'll wait til it gets her and then show you.
  2. That link comes up "domain name expired," which can't be good for business!;)
  3. Yeah I use one, a medium one for my regular Paddy. I like it:smile: Not only is my junk now organised but the Purseket gives my bag a bit of structure so it doesn't slump in a heap. Also, now I can put a pen safely in my bag without worrying it'll leave marks on the lining (provided it's a trusty enough pen and doesn't just break open spilling ink everywhere, that is).
  4. Wow, I can't imagine using one of those...hey, if it works for someone great!
  5. it works sooo well, I love them, it keeps my purse super organized and the center is left free
  6. [​IMG]
    This is mine inside Epi noe. It's been causing problems, however (see next post)
  7. [​IMG]
    see what I mean??
  8. i like them.
  9. This comes up pretty often here. I haven't bought one but am thinking about it. If you do a search for it you may get more answers. I have a Batignolles Horizontal and have been thinking of getting one.
  10. yes the topic of purseket does come up pretty often here at PF..but this is the first time I ever saw the pictures posted.. It's a great idea and I am sure it's very useful!
  11. I use one in my Dior Boston and even one in my framboise Bedford. I'd recommend it! Keeps everything organized :smile:
  12. I thought about getting one but I like my stuff all around in my speedy. Knowing myself, I don't think a purseket would help me.
  13. Thanks for the great pictures!
  14. I love pursekets. I use a medium in my graffiti speedy and larger bags. It really keeps things organized. I have a single drop in that I use in smaller bags.

    I have also used it in my balenciaga bags, it makes the bag less saggy